The secure child-safe mobile phone network that allows parents to record, monitor and control usage.

How It Works

1. Purchase Your SIM

Your SIM card is posted to you same or next day. When it arrives, pop it into any unlocked mobile phone - a smartphone or basic feature phone handset are fine. All you need to do is turn the phone on and the phone will be ready to use as soon as you have logged on to your Portal for the first time.

2. Log In To Your Secure Portal

ParentShield is child-safe from the network up. ParentShield allows you to safely provide any phone of your choice and a 'grown-up' user experience. Log in to your online portal to make changes, set restrictions, set word alerts, and listen to recordings or view messages at any time.

Sim-Only Prices and Packages

Overspending is impossible - these are the prices you pay, and there is no way the user can ever run up a surprise bill.

Why ParentShield?

ParentShield is designed from the ground up to be perfect for use by children. It protects users from unknown and unwanted callers, controls hours, spending, and provides the perfect parental control platform. Insert one of our SIM cards in any unlocked mobile phone and your child is instantly protected.

Because ParentShield is a SIM card only for Children ( and others who need special protection) only, it can provide many features that would not be appropriate on an ordinary mobile phone service. All settings are made via a secure online portal allowing parents to control a mobile phone, without touching the phone. The user has no way of circumventing ParentShield controls.

The SIM card that ParentShield uses provides the best UK coverage possible. It combines the coverage area of every major UK network so if there is coverage in your area from any mobile network, the ParentShield SIM will have a connection providing peace of mind and maximum protection at all times.

ParentShield blocks all calls and text messages to non-UK telephone numbers, and to any premium rate service in the UK. This guarantees no extra charges or rapid depletion of monthly allowance. See for full information.
* Home Numbers are 2 special phone numbers of your choice. They can be Mobiles, or Landlines. These numbers are always free to call and free to text, so even if the account has reached its call or message limit for the month, the user can always call you.

† PAYG Data is optional and pre-pay only. Overspending is impossible. Data charged at £1.60 / 100Mb
Members of The National Association of Therapeutic Parents
Members of the National Association of Therapeutic Parents

Proudly Sponsoring the National SEND Conference and supplying SIM cards for safeguarding those with Special Educational Needs
Sponsoring the National SEND Conference
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