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0786 Phone Numbers are being replaced with 07360 mobile numbers


Updated January 2022 – 0786 numbers are currently mostly sold out – please contact the office 03301221180 – There are half a dozen or so remaining – all the features below are unaffected and provided on all our number ranges.

Our New Multi-Network ParentShield SIM cards are now all numbered up with UK phone numbers in our new 0̶7̶8̶6̶ 0736 Number Range

ParentShield SIM cards are from the special ParentShield UK mobile phone network which is for Children and Special Needs users only. Unlike a ‘normal’ mobile phone network, ParentShield SIM cards are controlled by the parent or guardian to provide control, monitoring and spending restrictions.

Multi-Network Roaming SIM

The New ParentShield 0736 Numbers are all on our special Strongest Signal SIM card that will automatically select the strongest signal from O2, Vodafone and Three so if there is a signal from any of those networks, your Child’s phone will find it and connect. This means you have vastly reduced chance of suffering ‘notspots’ in remote areas.

Give ParentShield a call on 0330 122 1180 to secure an 0736 number for your VIP user. Numbers are allocated at random but if you want a couple of SIM cards with consecutive numbers for two children, please let us know by calling the number above or by emailing us before placing an order.

Universal Fit Child SIM Card

Safe Stage SIM Fits all Phones

The ParentShield SIM card is a ‘three-way’ universal fit SIM card so it will work in any unlocked UK phone – be it a Nano, Micro or Standard SIM card size phone. This means you can provide exactly the right phone hardware that’s appropriate for the user at that particular age.