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All-Network SIM Provides Stunning UK Coverage

One SIM, all Networks, with the new Strongest-Signal roaming SIM from ParentShield.

Simply put, with a full roaming all-network SIM card, coverage can never be beaten. If there is a signal from ANY network, then you will have signal. The ability to roam between networks means there are far fewer not-spots than you will find with any single-network network. ParentShield SIMs are also 2G, 3G and 4G with 5G on the way, so in a phone with all these capabilities, coverage couldn’t possibly be better.

All the major networks provide impressive-sounding coverage statistics for their networks – usually stated in terms of ‘population coverage’. It will be 97-99% or something like that, which sounds excellent, until you lose coverage. And there’s nothing worse than no signal when you need it.

All the four UK networks use different frequencies to connect to your child’s mobile phone. Some frequencies travel further than others and some are better at avoiding ‘cross-talk’ from other signals. So even if two networks are sharing the same mast, it doesn’t mean they will both work as well as each other.

The best solution by far, if you want the very best signal there is, everywhere, is to use them all!

all network sim

ParentShield is the UK’s Child Protection network, and to provide maximum coverage, and maximum protection for our valuable users, we offer an incredible all-network SIM that will find the strongest signal and connect to that, wherever you are.

Your ParentShield SIM is a true roaming SIM. It doesn’t rely on one particular network. While our preferred network, because of their superior 4G and 5G technology is Three, we have the ability to provision a SIM onto other UK networks as well. If you are particularly remote, your ParentShield SIM can be specified to roam seamlessly across all available networks. This gives you a coverage that has to be seen to be believed.

For the Technical, our roaming is ‘unsteared’ which means we don’t pin you to one network and then roam if that network drops out. We allow our SIM to do what it’s designed to do, and roam freely onto the networks with the best coverage.

With all mobile networks, there are winners and losers and some areas that struggle. In cases where you can’t get any signal we will always refund the original first month’s subscription.

SIM roams onto the strongest network

Wherever you are, the chances are there is some mobile signal. If you have a phone that can only connect to one of the four networks, then you have a chance of making calls, sending texts, and using data if that one network has signal. We’re all familiar with the situation where your friends have a signal – and you don’t 🙁

ParentShield’s new Roaming SIM is configured to find the strongest signal from any of the networks it’s configured for – if your friends are envious of your network now, don’t be surprised.

Use an Unlocked Phone

To benefit from a roaming SIM you will need a phone that is able to connect to all mobile networks. Until very recently it was common practice for mobile networks, supplying a phone on contract, to lock the phone so it can only work on their network.

Fortunately this practice has been seen as restrictive, and causes a huge headache for customers who want to switch networks.

With an unlocked phone your ParentShield SIM is able to connect to the strongest sim. For help and Information on unlocking, see the network unlocking guide.

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