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Asda Child SIM Card

A SIM card from Asda Mobile will be a Vodafone SIM card. Asda Mobile is an MVNO of Vodafone’s and re-sells Vodafones services, and so Asda Mobile uses the Vodafone network.

Asda is now a Vodafone piggyback SIM

Asda Mobile SIM cards used to be EE SIM cards from July 2013 as they moved to be an MVNO of EE’s and connect to the EE network. They moved back to Vodafone again in March 2021.

As you’d imagine, Asda SIM cards are a lower cost alternative to Vodafone direct and offer a range of PAYG, PAYM and phones themselves. At the time of writing Asda Mobile have a 1.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot

If Vodafone coverage is poor where you live, then Asda coverage will also be poor.

Getting All Network coverage on a Child’s Asda Mobile Phone

If you order a ParentShield SIM can you can easily upgrade the single Vodafone network that an Asda Mobile SIM connects to, to an all-network roaming SIM that will add the combined coverage of all the other networks in addition to Vodafone.

Super-Roaming is an optional extra at the ParentShield checkout

2G SIM cards, 3G SIM cards and 4G SIM cards.

Asda SIM cards for children are fully compatible with any of the older 2G phones such as the Nokia 105 and Nokia 3310 that are a great choice for first phones for kids.

If they move to a 3G or 4G smartphone as they get a little older, the Asda SIM can be moved to the new smartphone without problems or the SIM card needing to be replaced

Is an Asda Mobile the best SIM choice for a Child?

If you’re purely price driven or it’s a SIM card for a grown up that you’re looking for, then possibly so, but if you’re looking for unique features to protect your child, then possibly not.

Although Asda Mobile offer a talk and text plan without mobile data, this is of no use when needing to locate the phone, as this requires a data connection to work. ParentShield SIM cards allow you to turn mobile data on in the parent portal, locate the phone, and then switch it back off again, which is a much better solution for parents that don’t want their child accessing the internet, but do want to locate the phone.

Parents that we speak to on a daily basis inform us that their requirements are different to what is offered with the services available from the other mobile networks. Providing a phone for a child comes with a whole host of worries outside of the no data option, which the range of child protection features offered by ParentShield really help with.

Asda Mobile eSIM

At this current time, Asda Mobile are not offering eSIM to their customers, but for a kids eSIM, ParentShield have eSIM available packed with child protection features.

A bit more about Asda Mobile

  • Asda Mobile was founded in April 2007
  • Asda Mobile’s Website can be found at
  • Asda Mobile won the Which? award for ‘best mobile network’ in 2010, 2011 and 2012 based on coverage pricing and customer service

For kids though, Asda Mobile doesn’t offer the special child protection features that come with a ParentShield SIM Card

Will an Asda phone be unlocked?

Good news – Yes! all phones sold by Asda are now unlocked and will work on all networks. This means you can migrate a child easily from an Asda SIM to a ParentShield Child SIM Only by simply swapping the SIM and doing a full phone reset.

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