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Graham Tyers

Graham is the CEO of ParentShield Mobile network for children and its parent Company Engine Mobile Ltd. With a career-long involvement in Internet Communication protocols - ParentShield was conceived from a personal search for the perfect Children's Mobile Phone Network.

SIM Size Guide

ParentShield is SIM Only

SIM card sizes commonly cause a little confusion. It’s understandable. For many people a phone will typically be supplied with a SIM card, you put it in and there it stays forever. It’s easy to even forget it’s there – let alone consider the size… Read More »SIM Size Guide

SIM PIN Locked

SIM is Locked

Every mobile phone has the ability to “lock” a SIM card so that it can’t be used in any phone without first unlocking it. This is a different restriction to the phone screen unlock ( the one that you enter, or unlock with a fingerprint,… Read More »SIM PIN Locked