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Graham Tyers

Graham is the CEO of ParentShield Mobile network for children and its parent Company Engine Mobile Ltd. With a career-long involvement in Internet Communication protocols - ParentShield was conceived from a personal search for the perfect Children's Mobile Phone Network.

ParentShield Home Numbers

Home Phone

What is a ParentShield Home Number? A ParentShield Home Number is a special phone number that is treated differently to other numbers that a ParentShield user communicates with. Because ParentShield includes many optional and powerful blocking mechanisms for Child Protection it’s important that Parents set… Read More »ParentShield Home Numbers

Higher Security Mobile

Security in a mobile phone for children

Mobile Phone Services are targeted by hackers and stalkers because they have traditionally presented an easy target. Although mobile networks have improved their processes considerably, very few phone accounts are protected by the necessary security controls to keep their users safe from hacking or identity… Read More »Higher Security Mobile

Monitoring WhatsApp

WhatsApp Logo

The most popular Internet Messaging Application by far is WhatsApp. It allows encrypted messages, calls and picture/video communications. Because it has a 16 years age limit it’s not usually an issue for the majority of ParentShield users but ParentShield gives you plenty of tools to… Read More »Monitoring WhatsApp

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