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Graham Tyers

Graham is the CEO of ParentShield Mobile network for children and its parent Company Engine Mobile Ltd. With a career-long involvement in Internet Communication protocols - ParentShield was conceived from a personal search for the perfect Children's Mobile Phone Network.

Cancel Any Time

Large Single SIM

We don’t like goodbyes but we know that, at some point, every one of our customers will grow up and possibly not need us any longer. All ParentShield contracts are “rolling monthly” capped contracts with a 30 day cancellation period. This means that you are… Read More »Cancel Any Time

Impossible to Overspend

Spending Controls

ParentShield not only protects children, it also protects their parents. Unlike every other network, we aggressively block everything that could lead to an increased bill. MMS, overseas numbers, Text Shortcodes, Premium rate numbers, Directory enquiries etc are all blocked. We do have a mechanism for… Read More »Impossible to Overspend

Designed for Children

Adult Mobile Networks aren't Designed for Children - ParentShield is

The Only Mobile Network Designed For Children and only used by children. Normal Mobile Phone Services simply aren’t suitable for younger children, or those with special needs. Because all our phones are used by children, or those with similar needs, Every aspect of ParentShield is… Read More »Designed for Children

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