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Paul Stevenson

Paul is a founding director of Engine Mobile Ltd, the parent company of the Child-Safe Mobile Network, ParentShield.

Asda Child SIM Card

Asda SIM card for kids

A SIM card from Asda Mobile will be a Vodafone SIM card. Asda Mobile is an MVNO of Vodafone’s and re-sells Vodafones services, and so Asda Mobile uses the Vodafone network. Asda is now a Vodafone piggyback SIM Asda Mobile SIM cards used to be… Read More »Asda Child SIM Card

Best Kids Phone Watch

child phone watch

Here at ParentShield we supply loads of SIM cards for Kids Phone Watches. A watch-phone is a popular choice for a child’s first phone. Particularly so for younger children who may be considered likely to lose a regular mobile phone on the first day of… Read More »Best Kids Phone Watch

giffgaff Child SIM

giffgaff is really O2

giffgaff is a large MVNO with revenues in the hundreds of millions per year. It is a subsidiary of O2 UK – legally incorporated as Telefónica UK Limited. What network does giffgaff use? giffgaff runs on its parent company, O2’s network. It is a lower… Read More »giffgaff Child SIM

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