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February 18, 2019
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June 4, 2019

The 4 Biggest Risks Of Your Child Owning A Mobile...


By @parentshield editor Graham Tyers

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The New Dangers of Growing Up With Technology

Kids and teens today are growing up in a completely different world – they face problems that we didn’t have when we were younger. Modern parents have a duty to their children to know the risks that come with technology and mobile phones,  before it is too late.


Think your child wont be affected by sexting? Well the stats disagree.

According to a UK survey on teenage mobile phone habits 6/10 UK youths have been asked to send a sexual image or video of themselves. Shockingly, 25% of those asked actually did send an explicit image of themselves. Even more shockingly, 1/3rd of those who sent an image, sent it to a someone they knew online but not in real life.

Unfortunately the sad truth is that anything shared online, over text or through apps can be saved and used to harass, blackmail or embarrass your child, which can be really distressing.

School Performance

Studies have shown that when children stay up on their mobile phones this can dramatically affect their school performance. A good nights sleep, without the distractions of a mobile, will help your child achieve their potential.


Online bullying is a growing problem for UK youths, where 1 in 4 state they have experienced something upsetting on social media. Being bullied online can be more devastating as kids are no longer able to leave their problems, and bullies, in the playground. In some cases, your child might not even know who their ‘online’ bully is.


Grooming or ‘catfishing’ (pretending to be someone else online) is a big issue in the UK. Be sure to teach your children to be cautious with strangers online and to be honest with you about who they are speaking to. Children shouldn’t be punished for trying to make friends but if they are keeping secrets or behaving differently this could be a cause for concern.

Peace of Mind With The Safest Mobile Network

A brand new parent-child friendly mobile network has recently launched called ParentShield. It was designed to allow children to have the independence of a mobile but with some parental protection.

The network provides a sim which can be used in any unlocked mobile phone. It works like any normal SIM card and offers great coverage all over the UK.

Unique Features of ParentShield


  • Records all calls and texts to and from the sim card
  • All texts and calls can be viewed in online ‘parent’ portal
  • Unwanted texts or calls can be blocked at the touch of a button
  • Internet can be turned on or off
  • Free calls to home
  • Time controls stop calls and texts after bedtime
  • Adjustable security options so that your child can get more freedom as they grow up.

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You should aim to be honest with your child about the risks of owning a mobile phone as well as the abilities of a ParentShield SIM – this encourages your child to be honest with you if they do face any problems.

You’re in control with ParentShield – so you know they’re safe. Click here or on the link below to find the best safe SIM plan for your children.

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