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Billing Information

Initial Order Billing

When first ordering a SIM card, you will be given a couple of different options in regards to payment. Those are credit / debit card or direct debit. If choosing credit / debit payment, you will be charged the price shown immediately and be charged on the same day as you placed the order, each month. If you’d like to request a preferred payment date for credit / debit card, let us know in the order notes and we can do that for you.

If supplying direct debit details, things are slightly different. As we have to setup a direct debit ‘instruction’, you won’t be charged immediately for the order. Additionally, direct debit payments can be ‘pending’ with your bank for a few days, so may end up coming out later than submitted. If you have a preferred date for direct debit payments, let us know in the order notes, and we’ll get as close as possible for you.

Our direct debit submission days are the 6th, 18th and 27th of each month.

Depending on when you placed the order, your payment date will be different. Because we have to setup the instruction with your bank first for the direct debit, you will be charged on not the next direct debit submission date, but rather the following one.

Ordering any time on or after the 27th of the month and before the 6th of the month: The direct debit instruction will be setup on the 6th and payments submitted on the 18th of each month.

Ordering any time on or after the 6th of the month and before the 18th of the month: The direct debit instruction will be setup on the 18th and payments submitted on the 27th of each month.

Ordering any time on or after the 18th of the month and before the 27th: The direct debit instruction will be setup on the 27th and payments submitted on the 6th of each month.

Note: if special delivery is selected at checkout, and direct debit details have been supplied, we will charge for the special delivery on the first direct debit submission – you won’t immediately pay for it.

What is the contract period?

ParentShield is a rolling monthly contract so you’re not tied into anything. Rolling monthly means that you will be paying monthly for it, until you tell us that you’d like to cancel. In most circumstances as long as you cancel before the SIM re-bills, then there would be nothing more to pay. We can also suspend billing and service if you need us to – and resume at a later date.

Can I switch to a different tariff at any time?

Yes, of course. Just call us on 0330 122 1180 or email and let us know. Alternatively, you can head to your ParentShield Portal and change it under the Billing tab. When changing tariff, it’ll take effect on the next billing date. If you need it upgrading earlier, contact us.

Complex or unusual billing requests

ParentShield is geared up for even the most complex billing requirements or requests. If you want to pay for the service, but do not want or need access to manage the SIM, we can set you up as a ‘silent benefactor’. Either give us a call on 0330 122 1180 or let us know in the notes on the order, and we’ll arrange this. If it’s a silent benefactor placing the initial order, we will need details of the responsible adult or parent to set them up with a login to manage the SIM.

How do I change my billing details?

Simply head to the online portal, click on the billing tab and you can change your details there. If you’re a ‘silent benefactor’ and do not have access to the portal, you will need to contact us via telephone 0330 122 1180 or email

Can I change the date I’m being billed?

Yes, for now you’ll need to contact us at or by calling us on 0330 122 1180

How can I cancel?

If you decide that you would like to cancel your contract, we require 30 days notice. This notice can be given by emailing us at or calling us on  0330 122 1180 . You can even use the Live Chat on the ParentShield Website.
If canceling over the phone, you will be required to answer your chosen security question to verify you are the account holder.

Find out more details on billing and terms and conditions here:

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