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November 8, 2017
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November 20, 2018

Block all premium rate numbers and shortcodes

One of the major concerns that we hear every day at ParentShield is the nasty shock of a surprise bill.

Premium rate numbers and those ‘shortcode’ numbers are often very tempting for young phone users excited to see what their new toy can do.  So at ParentShield we set out to block every premium rate number and service from the outset.  The big networks view this revenue as an important part of their business and really don’t see it as a problem.

Some of these shorcodes can easily allow a normal adult phone service account to run up bills of hundreds of pounds very quickly. Nimble little fingers can easily send a few hundred text messages in a very short space of time. At £5 per message, that’s not cheap!

With your ParentShield account there is nothing to do – nothing to turn on, we simply block these numbers at the Network level, so whatever you, or your child does, there are never going to be any nasty billing surprises.