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No confiscation: Block Mobile Phones At School with ParentShield

Children are distracted by mobile phones at school
Distracted by a mobile phone at school?

A new Mobile Network in the UK has become the first to offer “SchoolBlock” a simple single switch that blocks calls, SMS and mobile data for their children’s mobile phones during school hours. Being network based, the block cannot be circumvented – even by the most tech-savvy of children.

ParentShield’s For Schools page contains a range of downloadable resources that Schools can pass to Parents to inform them that ParentShield is available. Every child with SchoolBlock is one less problem in the classroom.

Many people search for the idea of some radio-jammer type blocking device that could be employed on school grounds, but sadly such a device would be illegal to operate in the UK. Mobile phones operate in close radio proximity to many essential services, and a jammer would potentially cause serious disruption.

The Mobile Phone network in the UK also covers a wide range of wavelengths from the 37cm 800MHz band down to the 16cm 1800 MHz band for regular 4G. To block all these frequencies would require quite an operation ( or a single very dirty device ).

ParentShield’s Solution is simply time-based. Parents can turn on SchoolBlock and between 9am and 3PM their children’s mobile phones are unavailable for calls, texts or mobile data. As the controls are network-side they are completely un-circumventable.

Safer than phone pouches or shielding

The problem with using Mobile phone shielding pouches is their effectiveness varies. Modern mobile phones operate on frequencies from 2,000 MHz down to 700 MHz so the job of creating an effective radio barrier is fairly difficult and expensive to perform.

Even if the mobile phone is completely shielded it will also block any ‘essential’ calls. This means more and more children will seek exemption from ‘pouching’ in case they receive an important call – sadly many are carers themselves as well as students.

ParentShield’s SchoolBlock is configured to allow calls to and from emergency services as well as up to three ‘Home Numbers’ – relieving stress and anxiety, but maintaining an effective control.

UK Mobile Phone Frequencies

800 MHz BandThree – 791.0 MHz- 796.0MHz Downlink
Three – 832.0 MHz – 837.0 MHz Uplink
EE – 796.0 MHz – 801.0 MHz Downlink
EE – 837.0 MHz – 842.0 MHz Uplink
Vodafone – 801.0 MHz – 811.0 MHz Downlink
Vodafone – 842.0 MHz – 852.0 MHz Uplink
O2 – 811.0 MHz – 821.0 MHz Downlink
O2 – 852.0 MHz- 862.0 MHz Uplink
900 MHz BandVodafone – 925.1 MHz – 930.1 MHz Downlink
Vodafone – 880.1 MHz – 885.1 MHz Uplink
O2 – 930.1 MHz – 935.1 MHz Downlink
O2 – 885.1 MHz- 890.1 MHz Uplink
Vodafone – 935.1 MHz- 939.7 MHz Downlink
Vodafone – 890.1 MHz- 894.7 MHz Uplink
O2 – 939.7 MHz – 947.3 MHz Downlink
O2 – 894.7 MHz- 902.3 MHz Uplink
Vodafone – 947.3 MHz- 955.1 MHz Downlink
Vodafone – 902.3 MHz- 910.1 MHz Uplink
O2 – 955.1 MHz – 959.9 MHz Downlink
O2 – 910.1 MHz- 914.9 MHz Uplink
1400 MHz BandVodafone – 1452.0 MHz- 1452.0 MHz
Three – 1472.0 MHz- 1492.0 MHz
1800 MHz BandO2 – 1805.1 MHz – 1810.9 MHz Downlink
O2 – 1710.1 MHz – 1715.9 MHz Uplink
Vodafone – 1810.9 MHz – 1816.7 MHz Downlink
Vodafone – 1715.9 MHz – 1721.7 MHz Uplink
Three – 1816.7 MHz – 1831.7 MHz Downlink
Three – 1721.7 MHz – 1736.7 MHz Uplink
EE – 1831.7 MHz – 1876.7 MHz Downlink
EE – 1736.7 MHz – 1781.7 MHz Uplink
1900 MHz BandEE – 1899.9 MHz-1909.9 MHz
O2 – 1909.9  MHz- 1914.9 MHz
Three – 1914.9 MHz- 1920.3 MHz
2100 MHz BandThree – 2110.3 MHz – 2124.9 MHz Downlink
Three – 1920.3 MHz – 1934.9 MHz Uplink
O2 – 2124.9 MHz – 2134.9 MHz Downlink
O2 – 1934.9 MHz – 1944.9 MHz Uplink
Vodafone – 2134.9 MHz – 2149.7 MHz Downlink
Vodafone – 1944.9 MHz – 1959.7 MHz Uplink
EE – 2149.7 MHz – 2169.7 MHz Downlink
EE – 1959.7 MHz – 1979.7 MHz Uplink
Ofcom’s Radio Spectrum Allocation to UK Mobile Networks
Block Use During School Hours

Teachers have long been asking for this

The new feature comes from ParentShield one of the UK’s newest and most exciting MVNO which provides contracts for Children Only. The new time-based control can also be used in conjunction with other time controls to create multiple allowed-times during a day and an enforced bedtime. SchoolBlock is guaranteed to Block Mobile Phones at School.

As with all of ParentShield’s blocking and control facilities, calls and SMS to and from the two special ‘Home Numbers’ are always available so if the phone user needs to contact home in an emergency, that is not a problem.

Children are getting phones younger and earlier all the time

The Company sees early introduction of mobile technology to be vital in the aim of safe education. It’s fair to say, their customers providing mobile phones over a year earlier than the industry-accepted average of slightly over 10 years in age.

The new SchoolBlock facility has been developed in response to increasing numbers of requests by teachers increasingly troubled by the disruption of classes and attention caused by mobile phones.

The ParentShield service, available with various bundle options, is a pay-monthly SIM-only service. The Engine SIM card is inserted in any mobile phone and it’s instantly protected. The network offers full true UK roaming, connecting to the strongest signal from any of the major UK networks. This means it also provides the best mobile network coverage available in even remote areas of the country.

Engine Mobile is a market-leading developer of call centre and communication marketing technology.  Their ParentShield division has been designing and manufacturing bespoke telephony solutions since 2000.

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