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Blocking the internet on a Child’s phone

As ParentShield is a mobile network only for the use of children, “how do I block the internet on my Childs phone?” is one of the most frequently asked questions that our live chat team cover, so we have put together a short guide to help parents with this.

SIM cards with no internet

SIM cards with no internet 

The first thing to cover is purchasing a SIM card with a network that has the ability to block mobile data completely.  ParentShield has a range of no data mobile plans, specifically designed for cases where a child either not allowed access to mobile data, or where they are at an age or ability where it would not be appropriate. 

It’s important to add that these SIM cards with no internet still give the parent the ability to locate a Childs phone if required. All ParentShield Data plan SIMs ( Safe stage 2 and above ) have a handy ‘extra data” button for parents to use. Should their child have used all their available data, it’s a simple one-click job to add an extra data packet sufficient for 30-40 location operations, or hours of iMessage or WhatsApp messaging.

Blocking Mobile Data on a Child’s phone

The second thing to cover is how to block mobile data, either by time controls or by controlling the phones ability to use mobile remotely.

ParentShield’s powerful portal controls allow the parent to set the times that the phone can use calls, texts and mobile data – outside of those times, it cannot.  

It also offers the ability to turn mobile data on and off remotely, so you can keep mobile data back for locating the phone only.  This way parents can keep mobile data switched off, and then when they want to locate the phone, switch data on, do the lookup and then switch it back off again.

Turn mobile data on and off remotely

Blocking mobile data during school hours 

If you want to block the use of mobile data ( and calls and texts ) during school hours, then one simple SchoolBlock switch in the ParentShield portal automatically blocks calls text and mobile data between 9am-3pm Monday – Friday, but still allows calls and texts to parents ‘home numbers’ and the vital emergency services etc.

block phones at school on
Block phones at school

Blocking the internet over Wifi and personal hotspots

Although ParentShield provides all of the tools to block the access of mobile data as required, to block other channels such as access via Wifi and personal hotspots, you will need to add some phone parental controls in concert with your ParentShield service as this is outside any mobile networks controls.  Our Android guide is here and our iPhone guide is here 

Phone for kids: no internet

If you decide to opt for a phone for kids with no internet, rather than a Smartphone, all of ParentShield’s recording and features will still work . As ParentShield’s recording and features are network side, the phone doesn’t even need a data connection to work.

The most popular phones for kids with no internet that ParentShield customers use are: Nokia 105, Nokia 106 and Nokia 3310

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