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Blocking TikTok on your Child’s phone

As TikTok is an application that allows the streaming and uploading of video content and direct messaging, it has a minimum age restriction of 13, but recommended as 15+ in the UK.  

The ParentShield team has complied some information to help our parents with concerns about TikTok.

ParentShield blocks the setup SMS by default to protect children’s phones

How do I know if my child has downloaded TikTok?

Ordinarily, a mobile network wouldn’t be able to provide any assistance in protecting and alerting parents if their child has downloaded TikTok, however ParentShield does.  

If a child downloads TikTok on their phone, our system automatically blocks the verification setup SMS from going to the Childs phone and alerts the parent by placing this in the parent portal in stead.  This way they have visibility and can decide whether it is appropriate to forward to the Childs phone, or not.  

Recorded Texts can be reviewed
See all text messages to and from the phone from the portal ( including blocked TikTok setup messages )

How do I stop my child downloading TikTok?

To stop your Child having the ability to download TikTok, you will need to apply some phone parental controls in concert with your ParentShield service 

Blocking the ability to download TikTok on an Android using Family Link

Blocking the ability to download TikTok on an iPhone using Family Share

Does TikTok have any of its own protections?

As ParentShield is a Mobile Network offering a very special SIM-Only service that is generally used for children’s first phones, very few of our users are over the minimum TikTok age restriction; so our team haven’t spent too much time reviewing its family safety mode and Family Paring controls – we would suggest visiting their website directly for further information.  

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