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ParentShield Blog

Here is a selection of blog posts written by ParentShield Staff and Customers. There is a lot of content here so please do search for anything that you’re looking for using the search function at the bottom of the page!

The Best SIM for Kids

SIM for Kids

Your SIM card is NOT the best SIM card for Children Adult SIM Cards from aren’t always the best SIM cards for kids. Adult SIM cards are designed for Grown-ups to use and contain features that may well prove to be dangerous for Children. It’s… Read More »The Best SIM for Kids

Best Kids Phone Watch

child phone watch

Here at ParentShield we supply loads of SIM cards for Kids Phone Watches. A watch-phone is a popular choice for a child’s first phone. Particularly so for younger children who may be considered likely to lose a regular mobile phone on the first day of… Read More »Best Kids Phone Watch

Monitoring WhatsApp

WhatsApp Logo

The most popular Internet Messaging Application by far is WhatsApp. It allows encrypted messages, calls and picture/video communications. Because it has a 16 years age limit it’s not usually an issue for the majority of ParentShield users but ParentShield gives you plenty of tools to… Read More »Monitoring WhatsApp

Monitoring Snapchat

monitoring snapchat logo on phone

Snapchat is a very popular application allowing pictures and messages, usually only visible for a short window until they are removed from their recipients. The ParentShield customer support team are frequently asked “how do I monitor my child’s Snapchat?” so we have compiled some information… Read More »Monitoring Snapchat

ParentShield awarded ‘Best Use of Innovation or Technology’

South Derbyshire Pioneering MVNO ParentShield takes prestigious Innovation award judged by JCB In a resounding victory for technological innovation, ParentShield proudly announces its receipt of the esteemed ‘Best Use of Innovation or Technology’ award at the 2023 East Staffordshire and South Derbyshire Business Awards. This… Read More »ParentShield awarded ‘Best Use of Innovation or Technology’

Porting Process

ParentShield is a very special kind of mobile network so a few of the processes that people may be familiar with from a traditional “Adults Network” may be a little different. Inbound Number Ports In the vast majority of cases, a ParentShield phone number will… Read More »Porting Process

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