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Getting Started with ParentShield

Welcome to ParentShield

Thank you for being an important part of ParentShield. As parents ourselves we had an idea in 2015 to use our experience in telecoms and IT to develop exactly the sort of mobile network we wanted for our children. And ParentShield was born 3 years… Read More »Welcome to ParentShield


Vodafone Children’s SIM

For a Child’s SIM, In our experience, Vodafone marginally edges Three and EE for its rural coverage. The Network’s urban coverage is strong and there are many ParentShield Customers choose Vodafone coverage with their Child’s SIM card. The company has a very strong legacy 2G… Read More »Vodafone Children’s SIM

O2 Child’s SIM

Are you looking for an O2 only SIM card for a child on the O2 network but with ParentShield controls? ParentShield’s new Super Roaming profile will do this. Many people love O2 for its outstanding 2G and 3G coverage and in most parts of the… Read More »O2 Child’s SIM

ParentShield Network SIM diagnostics

Using Network Watch

ParentShield is the first mobile network to provide “Network Watch” alerts to parents Help! A major point of stress and worry for parents is an inability to contact their child, even if they are carrying a phone. They may call and try a location service… Read More »Using Network Watch