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BT Mobile Child SIM Card

A BT Mobile SIM card will be an EE SIM card as BT Mobile is an MVNO of EE. BT Mobile is provided by BT Consumer, a division of BT Group. EE is now owned by BT. You can get both SIM only deals and mobile plans from the BT Mobile website.

How to get the coverage of All Networks on a child’s BT Mobile phone

If you’re handing down your old BT Mobile phone to your child and would welcome the idea of connecting them to multiple networks, rather than just the EE network provided by BT Mobile, by ordering a ParentShield SIM you can easily upgrade the coverage of your kids SIM card to harness the coverage of all the networks – connecting to whichever is the strongest at the time, wherever they are.

In the ParentShield checkout, simply pick the Super-Roaming option and leave a note on the final page to let us know that you would like us to also add EE’s coverage – our network team will sort everything from there.

Super-Roaming is an optional extra at the ParentShield online shop.

BT Mobile is an EE MVNO

Getting your child a BT Mobile SIM is the same as getting an EE SIM only deal as it’s the same EE network connectivity. If you’re in an area where coverage from another network is required, the same will be said of a BT Mobile SIM only deal.

Is BT Mobile the best SIM only deal for kids?

If you’re looking for a SIM only deal for your child and are happy being locked into a contract and want the option to give them huge amounts of data, then possibly so. But if you’re looking for child protection features, less so.

The majority of Parents that the ParentShield support team engage with for pre-sales questions, inform us that they actually require a very different service to those provided by the mainstream Network providers. It is obvious that an adult may require massive amounts of data, but for a child it would certainly be seen as a safeguarding risk – ParentShield has a completely different set of features designed for these precious users included in all of our SIM only deals

BT Mobile eSIM

At the time of writing, BT mobile does not yet offer eSIM for non-business customers. If you are looking for an eSIM for a child, you can order a ParentShield eSIM for kids and this will connect to all networks, for outstanding coverage.

A bit more about BT Mobile

  • BT Mobile launched in March 2015
  • BT Mobile offer a range of SIM only deals and packaged handsets
  • From the 19th May 2022, BT Mobile won’t be offering BT handsets to new customers as BT and EE have joined forces, so the are now offering EE phone deals.
  • The BT Mobile website can be found at

For kids though, BT Mobile doesn’t provide the special child protection features of ParentShield

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