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Call Recording and Privacy

ParentShield takes privacy seriously

ParentShield’s mission is to provide a protective mobile network that provides protection that is not available from a mainstream ‘adult’ mobile network. As a result, the network has many features and controls unavailable on any other Network.

The laws regarding privacy and data protection are complex and wide-ranging. And so, ParentShield has been developed taking into account ( but not exclusively ) reading:

ParentShield network is a closed group mobile network that is only available for safeguarding purposes. ParentShield is not a regular public telephone network and, accordingly, accounts are strictly available only to those individuals determined to require protection not available on a traditional mobile network. All understanding and reading of appropriate legislation is made in this context.

Our users are always those under the care of responsible others. Every customer is individually approved against these requirements and Engine Mobile Ltd. reserves the right to terminate any account that is considered to be being used for any other purpose. See for more details.

ParentShield has strictly monitored internal procedures to ensure compliance with our requirements.

On an ongoing basis the network employs advanced heuristics to ensure ongoing compliance. As a result, ParentShield is able to provide safe recording that can not be provided on a normal ‘adult’ network.

Call Recording

A key protective measure provided by ParentShield is Call Recording. When calls are set to be recorded, calls into the network that are recorded will trigger a privacy warning announcement to each caller alerting them to the fact that their calls will be recorded. Generally all callers into the network will understand that they are calling a vulnerable individual.

We encrypt all Call recordings. Call recordings are only available via suitable security measures, to the responsible individual ( Account holder ). Call recordings are under timed destruction and securely deleted after a suitable period.

In cases where the privacy announcement may cause a serious safeguarding concern, we urge account holders to contact the Engine Mobile ParentShield team to discuss this. There are many controls built into our alerting algorithm, and we could potentially make changes, for instance.

For cases where call recording is not suitable, ParentShield can set an individual account to not record calls or SMS. This can be done at any time by requesting one of the special children-in-care modes. Depending on the use-case, control of recording can be set by the controller to be permanent or optional.

A third party that does not wish to be contacted by a ParentShield phone user can apply to have their phone number excluded from the system by calling 03301221180 and speaking to our privacy team. This can be applied instantly in most cases.

To ensure that the service is used only as intended ParentShield employs various levels of protection and verification of users and the use of the service. These include verification of user identities where necessary though available identity checks, and the automated application of heuristics to identify cases of concern.

ALL callers into the service are alerted by recorded message so will be made aware if their calls are being recorded. All blocked calls are clearly announced as such with the caller requested to contact the account holder via another channel for details.

Where the service is found to be used outside of the Terms and Conditions of the service, the contract will be terminated immediately and external services informed as necessary.

Notification to Users

When call and SMS recording is enabled, the ParentShield phone user is notified of this by text message. To mitigate unhelpful family dynamics it is important that parents fully engage with their children when employing monitoring of any kind and many helpful resources can be found on the ParentShield website, such as a parent/child phone contract sample that you can download, modify and go through together.

ParentShield’s unique activity alerts are ongoing and users are always made aware of the difference regularly as they request activation codes, balances and OTP.

From our experience we know that monitoring is very well received by users when introduced at an appropriate stage.

Callers into the service are also notified if the calls are being recorded by a pre-connection “whisper”.

Special Requirements

Where a user requires protection, and we need additional proof, Engine Mobile Ltd. may request third party verification that could include:

  • A letter or email from a social worker
  • A letter from a GP or Hospital Specialist
  • Copies of DLA or PIP documentation

There is a short form that here to put on file any special requirements. Each case is different and we may, for example, allow call recording for a limited period if necessary.

We place child safety above all other concerns and will terminate or refuse any account that is not appropriate for our service.

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