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Calls Texts Only No Data

No Data SIM cards – Calls and Texts Only

Sim only no data tariffs from ParentShield are special child-safe no-data SIM plans and safe for users of all ages and levels of responsibility. Data and internet access can pose a significant safeguarding risk.

Looking for a SIM card that can’t use mobile data? No problem. Every ParentShield Account comes with an on online Parent Portal with powerful controls that allow you to remotely disable mobile data on your child’s SIM card. This means you don’t even need to touch the phone. You can completely disable mobile data, permanently, or turn it on and off remotely and instantly with the flick of a switch.

Blocking Data is important in many cases – such as phones being used by young children. It also makes a phone safer for carrying to school and avoids ‘pings’ in the school bag causing problems.

This flexibility means you can turn data off most of the time, but if you want to allow data – say to locate the phone with a tracking application – you can just log in, turn data on for that purpose, and then turn it back off again when you’re done.

Choose the Safe Stage 1 tariff below and we will disable Mobile Data for you, or simply select any of the standard Tariffs and when you log into the Portal, select the Data tab and turn Mobile Data off. No matter what the phone user does, mobile data will be unavailable. Changes to data settings are virtually instant, and as soon as the phone re-requests a data packet, the new settings are applied.

SIM Only

ParentShield Child-safe network SIM cards are all sold as ‘sim only’. This means you order a SIM card and the SIM is supplied only ( along with the mobile number and Mobile Network Service ). The Handset that you use is totally up to you and any ‘sim free’ handset will be fine, or you can use a contract ‘locked’ phone after it has been unlocked.

Because all the controls behind the ParentShield no data SIM-Only card are network-side it’s easy to make changes remotely so if you want to add data at later date that’s no problem.

Does a mobile phone work with no data?

Yes. Obviously old-style ‘feature phones’ work perfectly without any mobile data, and even a smartphone has at its core, a basic mobile phone bundled into a portable computer.

All the routine phone operations – calling and texting will work perfectly well in any mobile phone with a no-data SIM card.

What about WhatsApp?

Any internet based service, such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Google Chat etc. will only work when the phone is connected to the Internet so a phone with a no-data SIM will need to be connected to the internet via another method to use these services. WiFi – typically would be the way this is done.

Locating a phone with no data

Location services such as Find my iPhone and Google Location will require some mobile data to work while out and about. ParentShield allows for this and you can provide mobile data for this purpose while denying it for other uses.

SIM with no Internet

Choosing a no-data SIM means there is no Internet available on the phone while away from WiFi or some other Hotspot using Bluetooth for example. This means internet can be restricted home where adults are on hand to explain to the user what they’re seeing and explain it properly.

If Internet access is needed for specific purposes, that’s easily achievable and ParentShield Support is there to help.

Add Mobile Data later if required

If, after a while, you decide that Mobile Data is required, you can just let us know and we will turn the sim only no data plan into one with mobile data in Seconds.

No Data SIM card for calls and SMS only

Looking for some deals?

If you’re keen to find some offers on ParentShield SIM Only we do have sporadic offers and specials that you can find on the SIM ONLY Deals page – feel free to head over there and note any voucher code that you’d like to apply.

* Home Numbers

Home Numbers are 2 special phone numbers of your choice. They can be Mobiles, or Landlines. These numbers are always free to call and free to text, so even if the account has reached its call or message limit for the month, the user can always call you.

* Upgrades

Upgrade or Downgrade your Tariff at any time if you find you need more, or fewer inclusive minutes – or if you wan to add data.

Mobile Data and Children

No matter how much you try and set parental controls on a child’s phone, mobile data poses a problem. The risks of accessing inappropriate material, or being targeted by others are well understood.

The job of locking a phone down is technically quite involved – as covered in our Ultimate Guide to Setting up Family Share – it’s relatively easy to circumvent, and the source of many complaints about phone issues. It only takes one, two, three cases where apps need to be installed before the password gets shared. Add into the equation the need to have mobile data to allow location services to work, and it’s doubly difficult.

A SIM card without data for kids

Finding a SIM with no data can be quite hard. And for younger kids it’s a real must. Once a device is connected to data it’s virtually impossible to control what the device can access. ParentShield can do this – but also can allow parents or carers to turn data back on remotely for emergencies or to locate a lost phone.

SIM plans with no data can be organised in many different ways so please do call the ParentShield team on 03301221180 to discuss your requirements.

Even if you add Data – overspending is impossible

Everything at ParentShield is geared around use by children. Even if you add data to your ParentShield SIM-only plan, surprise bills are always impossible. There is no way to use more that the allowed amount of data, and if you top up to provide extra data, only that extra amount can be used, and not a penny more.

Without a lot of work, its possible for a normal mobile user to authorise extra spending and can lead to some *very large* bills!

The no data SIM card UK solution

ParentShield is a UK roaming SIM card that can connect to all the UK networks, and combines the coverage area of all the UK networks. So if, for instance, Vodafone is the strongest signal, then the ParentShield SIM will use that network. Walk around the corner and O2 might become the strongest signal and Vodafone might have a blackspot. The ParentShield No Data SIM will seamlessly switch from Vodafone to O2 in this situation – there is no loss of connectivity and your child can still only call and text as normal.

ParentShield SIM cards cover all of the UK with any sort of mobile coverage:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • North of Ireland
  • Isle of Man
  • Jersey, Guernsey and the Isles of Scilly

Calls-only no data SIM

ParentShield also has an ‘under the counter’ tariff for a calls-only SIM that has No SMS or Data capability. So if you are looking for the most secure SIM – that can only call Home or designated numbers between certain times, then email for more details. Or purchase the Safe Stage 1 NoData ParentShield SIM card and put the requirement in the order notes.

Talk Only SIM

For a younger child, a ParentShield SIM that is set in ultra-secure mode creates a ‘closed group’ mobile that effectively operates in a way akin to a two-way walkie talkie between home and the child, with the child unable to call or text, or be unable to be called or texted by any other numbers. We can set the tariff to not include any SMS message allowance so only Talk time becomes available.

Talk and text only SIM

With a SIM package that includes inclusive calls and texts, this creates a Talk and text only SIM card when data is turned off.

Unlimited calls and texts with no data

For unlimited calls and texts – the ParentShield Safe Stage 3 SIM will be ideal. This plan can also be set in No Data mode, either from the ParentShield Portal or by calling the support desk on 03301221180

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