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November 15, 2019
Impossible to overspend
November 15, 2019

Cancel any time

We don’t like goodbyes but we know that, at some point, every one of our customers will grow up and possibly not need us any longer.

All ParentShield contracts are “rolling monthly” contracts with a 30 day cancellation period. This means that you are never tied into a long contract and can cancel at any time. We will never pressure or try and get in the way. Mobile companies have a bad reputation for this – but you’ll find that we’re different.

To cancel, just call the office on 03301221180 or email In most cases we are able to terminate the account at the point where it would normally renew so there would be no further payments due.

If you would like to keep your ParentShield phone number and move that to a new provider, then make sure you ask for a PAC at the point of cancelling. If there is a PAC required then we will have to keep the account open for the full 30 day cancellation period to allow for the porting work to complete.

Any call recordings and SMS transcripts in the Portal at this point would be securely deleted.

Just Suspending…

It is not unusual for customers to request suspension rather than termination of an account. If the phone has been lost, or circumstances temporarily changed this can make more sense than cancelling and then opening up a new account later. To do this just let us know how long you want to suspend the service for if possible, and keep the SIM card in a safe place!

When you are ready to resume, just get in touch via the usual channels and we’ll re-activate the SIM. It couldn’t be easier.