Changes and Updates

2019-01-17:  Informing the User of remaining Minutes and SMS

One of our brilliant customers pointed out that we had no way of allowing the Phone User to discover how many inclusive Minutes and Texts they have remaining this month.
From Today if your child texts the word balance to any of their home numbers they will receive a text message straight back with the information they need along with the number of days left to go before the balances ‘reset’.
Please let us know how you get on.

2019-01-16:  SIM ONLY plans with No Data

Today we have created some new Mobile Tariffs with Data Disabled automatically for customers who are looking for a mobile network SIMO plan with No Data

2019-01-10:  Word Filter Now in its own Tab with Extra tools

We have just put live the new version of the Portal that now has the Word Alerts filter in its own tab.
The basic functionality is unchanged and everything works as before, but with the addition of a couple of new tools:

  • Testing. You can type in a message and test it against your filter words to see if it would raise an alert.
  • Explain. This function expands your word list and explains what will be matched by it

2019-01-08:  Displaying Children’s Blocked SMS Messages in the Portal

From today any SMS message that have been blocked by either Time or Secure Mode settings will appear in the Portal prefixed by “BLOCKED” and the reason why the message was blocked. This may be useful to aid with debugging or decision making. At the minute there is nothing else can be done apart from seeing that the message has been blocked and not transmitted onwards. We are playing with some controls to allow the message to be ‘released’ and transmitted if necessary.

2019-01-07:  Caller ID Control

A few Customers have asked if it is possible to stop children withholding their caller id, with a view to being able to make anonymous calls, by changing the preference setting on their phone.
We have added a new ‘switch’ that now allows you to override the caller-id preference setting on individual SIMs in your account. If this is set to ‘ON’, caller-id information will always be sent regardless of the phone setting.
We don’t envisage many customers needing to do this and the default setting of ‘OFF’ will usually be the most suitable and before changing this setting you should consider privacy needs of the user.

In this mode, this phone will ALWAYS transmit Caller-ID information with every call.
This is the default setting, and like this the phone user can choose whether or not their phone allows caller ID presentation with calls.

2019-01-03:  Caller ID Presentation between users in one account

There had been an ongoing issue for a while that we have been aware of and wrestling with that has now been fixed. Under some circumstances if you had two or more SIM cards under the same account, caller-ID information was being lost as the call did a trombone. We have had a few anti-tromboning measures in place that were partially successful but we haven’t been happy with this for a while. This has now been resolved, and we believe users will always find brothers and sisters can argue properly.

2018-11-29:  Terminating calls at Bedtime. Changes to Time Setting

A few customers have asked us to look at the termination of children’s calls at bedtime. It turns out a few smart little people have worked out that they could make a call at 1 minute to bedtime and stay on the phone indefinitely thereafter.
From today, calls will be terminated a few minutes after the set bedtime even if they are in progress. Calls to or from Home Numbers are unaffected. Sorry about the behaviour change but we think this how the majority of customers expect it to work.

2018-11-22:  ‘Broken’ time settings

It has been brought to our attention that it’s possible to accidentally set the ‘from’ time in the time setting to be before the ‘to’ time resulting in all calls being blocked by the time control. We have added a test and an alert in the Portal if you try and do this.
We still allow it if that’s what you want, just in case you want to do that. We can’t think of many situations where you would…. but you can, if you like.

2018-10-19:  Setting Home Numbers

It’s only possible to change home numbers once per month. We have made a few changes to the Portal to try and make this slightly easier to do and a bit more obvious when changes can be made and when they can’t. There were a few ways of deleting numbers accidentally and not being able to replace them. Hopefully it will behave a bit better now than it did. Thanks to everyone who pointed this out!

2018-09-03:  Portal Messages

You may have spotted that we made it a little easier for us to present appropriate portal pop-up messages if there is something we need to communicate. Please keep the feedback coming – Andy.

2018-08-10:  Direct Debit Set-Up Process

The process for setting up direct debits and seeing what payment method is in place, and when the next payment is due.

2018-08-01:  Portal Registration

To improve security, it’s now necessary for customers to register at the portal and turn recording on before any calls are recorded. This means that a SIM card, if intercepted en-route, will operate in the same way as any other SIM card and will not record any conversations or SMS.

2018-07-07:  Children-in-Care Modes

In response to requests by our corporate-parent customers from today we have two optional modes available.

  • No Recording – all call recording is permanently disabled.
  • Third ‘Home Number’ for unrecorded use by a responsible known third party

Your ParentShield account allows you to turn Mobile Data on or off, or change Bedtime without touching the phone.

Turn Mobile Data on or off from your Portal.