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Childline and ParentShield

ParentShield works with ChildLine to provide access to this important resource provided by the NSPCC.

Childline provides a suite of resources for Children via its Website and via a phone call to 0800 1111 In line with guidance to Mobile Networks like ParentShield, all these calls to Childline from a ParentShield SIM are always available and treated differently to normal 0800 numbers

0800 1111 calls

Childline And ParentShield
  • Calls are always available and cannot be blocked
  • Calls don’t record
  • Calls don’t appear in the call history visible in the Portal

While it may be a concern by parents that children can call Childline without their knowledge from any mobile phone, it is there to protect those children that may be in danger from those that might harm them and it is a requirement placed on all mobile companies by OFCOM

For more information about how ParentShield handles calls to the Childline service please do feel free to call 0330 122 1180 to speak with us.

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