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Child’s SIM on the UK’s Three Network

Are you looking for a SIM card for a child, but particularly like the 3 Network? There are many reasons to love Three in your child’s mobile phone so we make it available as our first-choice network.

Three Network
Three is one of the ‘Big Four’ Networks in the UK

Many people love Three 3 Network ( Also Known as Hutchison Telecom – or H3G ) for its outstanding 3G and 4G coverage and it’s data-centric network means it’s romping ahead with its 5G roll-out. In most parts of the UK its coverage Outdoors rates among the strongest available and provides good 4G coverage where other networks can’t. We regularly find customers in newer populations – particularly in the North that are telling us Three is their best network.

At the ParentShield offices we use Three ourselves for emergency data link backup and signalling. For data use, three has some real advantages. Three doesn’t pull some of the ‘traffic shaping’ tricks that other networks can be guilty of.

ParentShield’s Super-Roaming SIM on the 3 Network allows parents to provide all the security and safety benefits of the Parentshield Portal while tapping into the proven and reliable Three sim only signal for their Child’s Mobile Phone.

You don’t need to do anything at checkout as 3 network will always be available. We scan the airwaves around you when your child first activates their 3 network ParentShield SIM for the first time and will make any necessary adjustments automatically behind the scenes.

HD voice mobile calls

While Connected using a ParentShield SIM to Three you may also see your Child’s Mobile displaying “HD Voice” or “VoLTE” HD voice indicates that high quality, hi definition audio codecs are being used end to end and the call uses Voice over LTE ( VoLTE ) This gives your Child’s mobile the best quality sound possible and faster connections. It’s quite a thing and definitely worth experiencing. You will need a newer mobile phone to see it.

Getting a Three SIM for your Child’s Phone on ParentShield

Simply place an order for any of the ParentShield SIM Plans and choose the default option at the checkout. We will ensure your SIM will then connect to to the Three Network at no extra charge.

The Three network Child SIM is particularly favoured by customers who themselves use the 3 network and are then in a position to advise their children exactly where in the house, or neighbourhood the most reliable Three network signal can be found. Three markets itself as the Best Network for Data, and it’s true that it does a superb job at this. This is particularly important in phones that are relying on Data all the time. Three is ploughing ahead with it’s 5G rollout and not being burdened with a legacy 2G network in the UK it has a somewhat easier job than some other networks.

No 2G signal on Three

As Mentioned, Three has no 2G signal – this is the legacy GSM network used by older phones and mobile devices. It’s important to know what phone your Three Child SIM will be used with as if it’s an older feature phone Three will be unsuitable. Don’t panic though as we check this at the point of Activation and if the Child’s phone won’t be in a position to support Three as a network – our SIM card and registration server will detect this at registration time and we will automatically add other networks as necessary to guarantee the best possible coverage on your Children’s SIM card – making ParentShield the Best Option by far.

Not sure that a Three UK Children’s SIM is the best option?

Don’t Panic! have a read of our network selection guide for more details. ParentShield’s Super Roaming SIM will actually connect to Vodafone and O2 UK as well so we can guarantee coverage in areas that Three will not cover or in hardware that will not support Three.

A first Phone on Three for a child is particularly a great option if you have a newer 4G mobile as this network’s data coverage and speed is excellent – 4G and 5G coverage is right up there with that of the other Networks.

Smarty, and ID mobile are resellers of the Three network and many of our customers have previously used these networks. But with the addition of all the ParentShield Safety and Security Features, such as recording, alerting and comprehensive block and allow lists, they get all the benefits of this newer network as well as the ParentShield safety they want.

Like all ParentShield features these are all available through your portal without any need to touch the phone or call any support line!

A bit more about Hutchison Telecom’s 3 network

3 network is a relative newcomer in the UK, based in Hong Kong, the comptany entered the mobile market 20 or so years ago. They have sound partnerships across the globe and as well as being strong in the UK, have a presence in Asian and Australasian markets.

Being relatively new has allowed them to be a little different to the other options, something that appeals to many users. This blog is being written over a 3 network ParentShield SIM, as it happens.

We have spotted a few cases where 3G network routers ( Specifically a Huawei device ) have struggled to connect on 4G with a Smarty ( One of H3G’s MVNO ). Switching to 3G resolved the issue for us.

Three UK Childrens SIM Card FAQ

Can I get Child’s SIM on Three with ParentShield

Yes – your SIM card on Three for your child can come with the safety, monitoring and control features of ParentShield by specifying the default Three as your preferred network at checkout.

I have a Phone that was provided by Three. Will that work as my Child’s First Phone?

Yes! Three doesn’t lock its phones so Good News, your Child’s ParentShield SIM will go straight in and not be any problem.

Is Three a good network for my Child’s Phone?

Yes – for its coverage, technology and long-term stability Three is a great option if you prefer to go for a single-network child’s SIM card.

Does Three have a Family Plan for a child’s SIM

Yes, Three and its MVNO like Smarty and ID all provide ‘extra sim’ family plans but getting an Three SIM in your Parentshield Portal is the only way to have the ParentShield monitoring, control and security features.

Does Three do a Child’s SIM card.

Like all the adult mobile networks, Three does provide basic parental control features. Putting your ParentShield SIM on the Three network provides you the advanced monitoring, control and reporting features of the ParentShield Network, coupled with the solid and reliable Three UK data Coverage and Speed.

Are there any SIM card Deals for Three on ParentSheild?

Yes – always. Keep an eye on the SIM card deals page for the voucher that suits you.

Will my child’s 3 UK phone be locked?

Good News = Three doesn’t believe in Locked Phones

If you are handing a phone down to a child, good news, if it’s a phone supplied by Three that you are looking to hand down to a child it probably won’t be locked. Contact our unlocking team if you need assistance or have any questions.

How to get a child’s SIM card on Three UK

Time needed: 2 days and 5 minutes

How to Order a ParentShield Child’s SIM on Three ( 3 )

  1. Select your ParentShield Plan

    Visit and select the right tariff for your child. Don’t worry too much as you can switch tariffs at any time.

  2. Order your SIM card ( or SIM cards )

    Enter your Child’s first name and age to add a ParentShield SIM card to the basket. We use this information to ensure the SIM has the right features for your child’s needs.

  3. Put the SIM in any unlocked Mobile Phone

    Once the SIM is inserted. Restart the phone and leave it somewhere with a good signal for at least 10 minutes while our registration system goes to work. We’ll see what networks are best for you, where you are, and make any last-minute adjustments to ensure your child has the best coverage possible from a mobile phone.

Unlocking a Three Network phone

Three doesn’t lock the phones that it sells on contract so if it’s an ex-three contract phone, then it ‘should’ be unlocked and ready to protect with a ParentShield SIM.

If you are unsure whether the Three SIM is unlocked or not, then put a ParentShield SIM into he phone and restart it. An unlocked Three phone will just work and find a network within seconds. If there are any unexpected messages then the phone is locked. More Unlocking Phone help can be found in the Unlocking Guide.

Three network eSIM

Can you get an eSIM on 3 network? If you have an eSIM compatible device, then Three 3 Network will email you everything you need to set up your eSIM but they don’t offer any of the child protection features included with a ParentShield eSIM.

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