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Co-parenting and mobile phones

ParentShield is designed to cater for some of the modern parenting dilemmas involving CoParenting children with mobile phones. Unlike a ‘normal’ adult mobile phone service, ParentShield is designed to be flexible and provides the features that families and carers need to keep their children safe and protected.

A typical mobile phone service is designed to be controlled and operated by the mobile phone holder themselves, and themselves alone. In a Child-Safe service it’s never the phone user themselves that will be administering the features of the phone and there may be multiple parties jointly administering the mobile phone – such as separated parents, or parents and a care service, or foster carers and a social worker. Only ParentShield is designed with all these scenarios in mind.

Most mobile phone services don’t have the features that are necessary for co-parenting kids. We have calls every day from grandparents, foster carers and social workers who haven’t been able to set up a mobile phone service as they need it. ParentShield is a welcome alternative to spending hours on the phone to a regular mobile operator!

How ParentShield helps CoParenting children

Here are what some customers have told us about Using ParentShield in co-parenting child mobile phone situations:

ParentShield have provided the perfect platform for my autistic grandson who has just turned 13. We have chosen the data free option for now with the option to change as his needs evolve. The customer service is amazing and the order was received very quickly. I cannot praise ParentShield enough for providing the perfect product that meets our needs.

Lesley Morris

Normally difficult to set anything meaningful for my granddaughter ie savings accounts, etc. Parentshield has been a breath of fresh-air. Firstly, the product is so well thought out. It’s perfect for an 11 year old and her anxious parents. Secondly, the customer service is some of the best I have experienced. So easy to setup me paying but Dad as admin. Easy to follow instructions on re-using an old phone that worked first time. Not much use of the portal yet but will try and update this review after a month. Don’t expect any problems.

Ian Ivory

My ex-wife and I coparent our two children and we had real difficulty dealing with our one mobile phone networks who couldn’t give us separate access to an account. We were recommended Parent shield by their school teacher and its been just what we needed.

Ste Brookfield
Co-parenting with mobile phones is hard

CoParenting mobile account access

ParentShield accounts can be provided with a virtually unlimited number of administrator accounts. This means multiple responsible parties can have their own secure login details and administer a child’s mobile phone separately without the need to share a password and login details.

Any one ParentShield account can have a (virtually) unlimited number of administrators so responsible adults in multiple homes, or a care setting, can all access the account to monitor and control usage and keep the child safe without having to share credentials.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication and account access alerts make ParentShield the most secure mobile phone service possible. Because it’s a child’s call details that we are protecting, there can be no compromises.

If you turn on the Multifactor Authentication option then the ParentShield Login will require the use of a standard OTP ( One-Time-Password) code generator on your mobile phone such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. This makes it impossible for someone else to log into your account, even if they know your email address and password.

You can Download Google Authenticator for free from the Google Play store. Contact our support team on 03301221180 to turn this feature on.

Unmonitored Numbers

ParentShield protects the rights and privacy of the right people by providing up to three special ‘home numbers‘ that can be treated differently to all other numbers. These numbers can be permanently set to provide unmonitored and secure access with the phone user.

Any number that is set as a “Home Number” is contacted by us to ensure that they have given permission to be a Home Number and understand what this means. The person set as a Home Number can specify whether or not they want other account administrators to be able to remove their details.

Home numbers set to ‘do not record’ can also be used for confidential access by any responsible adult who needs to be in contact confidentially with the young person.

Mobile with Separate billing details

In many situations. Be it a grandparent that wants to pay for a child’s mobile service, or a parent that may pay for the mobile service but not administer it themselves there are cases where a normal mobile service becomes difficult to use. ParentShield is designed to cope with the most complex of situations!

ParentShield has many users in care situations where, for example a parent may opt to pay for a mobile phone service for their child, but don’t have day-to-day responsibility for the child’s mobile phone usage or communications.

Enhanced Security and Access

ParentShield is designed to be used by children in some of the most complex and challenging situations if necessary. Accounts can be set with additional layers of security validation, account access alerts and multiple factor authentication.

Prevent Mobile Phone Hacking

ParentShield’s additional security layers prevent:

  • Sim Jacking
  • Number Hacking
  • Voicemail Hacking

ParentShield has removed the easily-hacked voicemail system that exists on all adult mobile phones. This means voicemails can never be accessed by a third party and cannot be used to bully or intimidate. Even if a number is blocked on a normal phone – the call can go to voicemail and still cause issues.

The ParentShield SIM doesn’t support the easily exploited ‘SIM Toolkit” that can be found on many mobile phones, and because passcode SMS are blocked and sent to the ParentShield Portal, it’s only the account administrators who can access them and decide whether or not that message should be ‘released’ to the phone.

CoParent a child with a ParentShield SIM card

Can my co-Parenting ex-partner and I both administer our child’s phone?

Yes! This is very common and as with ParentShield it’s possible for both parties to have separate login details there is no need to share passwords or logins.

If our child has ParentShield, can I be sure my conversations are private?

If your number is a Home Number, then recording can be turned off. You can set your home number so the other partner can’t remove it, or turn recording on.

I am concerned that my ex is hacking our child’s voicemail. Can this be stopped?

With ParentShield Network, voicemail hacking isn’t possible. Because we disable voicemail completely.

Is it possible for my ex to hack our child’s phone and get access to recordings?

ParentShield has more security features than any other phone network, because we appreciate that our users are special.

I want to pay for my grandchild’s mobile phone. Is this possible?

Yes! we have a ‘silent benefactor’ mode, allowing you to pay for your grandchild’s phone, yet pass all access and control for everything else to their daily carer.

We coparent and have a SIM card on ParentShield. Can we add a second onto the same account?

Yes, just place an order through the Parentshield website and use one of the email addresses that are registered to the account.

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