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Code of Practice

Code of Practice – ParentShield Platform


This page explains how Engine Mobile Ltd. works to resolve any complaints or service issues customers may encounter. Things can always go wrong, and no matter how hard we try, there may always be situations where things go wrong. We want to put things right.


Engine Mobile Limited is committed to fairness and equality. Our team is trained in equality awareness and a core principle states that equality sea fairness will always be part of every decision making process.

Outline of the Agreement

Please refer to the terms and conditions page and the fair use policy. These are available always via this website and are sent with the SIM card.

Complaint handling – first step

The first and most important step is to tell us about it.

If you’re unhappy about something then the chances are, something has gone wrong, and we don’t know about it. You can call us on 0330 1221180, email, or by using the contact form on this website at . In almost all cases we should resolve the issue there and then. If we can’t we will let you know what steps we will be taking and agree a time-scale.

Complaint handling – second step

If you think you’ve given us reasonable chance to fix things, and you’re still not happy, then please email details to our director, Graham Tyers ( ). If the situation is fixable, it will be fixed. If it’s something out of our control we’ll let you know, and if we feel that it’s not something that is our fault, then we’ll describe the details in a ‘deadlock’ letter which you can take to Citizen’s Advice, or to pass to the Ombudsman Service.

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