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Congratulations! -Your School Referred You!

free month for referring

How do I claim my free month?

Simply click on the image above, or here, and it will take you to the ParentShield website.

  1. Choose your plan ( you can upgrade or downgrade at any time too )
  2. Choose your favourite network
  3. Choose Direct Debit and you’ll get your first month free
  4. Or, choose card payment for your second month free

*You do not need to fill in a coupon code at checkout. Since you visited this page, you will receive your free month automagically. You will receive an email to notify the free month has been applied.

Why has my School recommended ParentShield?

  • The only Mobile Network designed for Children
  • Block use during school hours
  • All-Network SIM provides stunning UK coverage
  • Know and control who they are talking to
  • Monitoring capabilities not available on other mobile networks
  • Teach responsible phone usage from day one
  • Unique parental controls
  • Impossible to overspend
  • Cancel any time
  • Provide any phone of your choice
  • SIM cards for children’s phones
  • Stop phone usage after bedtime
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