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Get in Touch with ParentShield

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Call us

0330 122 1180 | Monday – Saturday

During office hours our team is here in the contact centre. Outside of those hours we pick up calls in the external call centre or from our offices remotely. There will always be a chance to leave a message. The appropriate department will always return your call.

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Pioneer House, Stenson Road, Derby, DE73 7HL
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Send us a message or visit us

If you’re ever on the South Side of Derby, you’re more than welcome to visit us. The kettle is always on. Our place is the big building behind the Stenson Bubble Inn ( The building with the clock on the front. )

This is our centre of operations, data centre and support and contact centre.

ParentShield's Offices in Derby

If you are ordering a SIM card, we post every normal business day at around 4pm. If it’s a bank holiday or other holiday period such as Christmas or Easter and you’re in a desperate hurry for a SIM card – give us a call on 0330 122 1180 or email and we’ll do everything we can to have a SIM ready for collection.

For urgent police enquiries contact our SPoC using the emergency contact details lodged with the Royal College of Policing.

We are available for demonstrations and training at this property – contact us to make arrangements if you’d like to arrange something. We’d love to have you over!

A message from our CEO Graham Tyers

Hi, and thanks for visiting ParentShield.

Graham Tyers - ParentShield CEO
Model’s Own ZX80

Along with members of our team, I’ve been working on the concept and systems behind ParentShield since 2015, and finally got the MVNO side of the business off the ground in 2018. All the while still very involved with the other businesses that I’ve bugged with my daily presence since 1999.

The reason for popping up here – albeit burying myself at the bottom of the contact-us page – is to provide a point of contact for people who might need to find me personally. I know that sometimes it’s hard to connect with a CEO so here’s who I am, and how to contact the Graham Tyers that you need. Contact me and say Hi!

Contacting Graham Tyers

I’m not super great on the telephone or video chat, but you can email: or find some profiles in the usual places like the famous and little-talked-about Graham Tyers Linked-in Profile or tweet me on Twitter. If you’re not great on any of those and fancy a laugh, 01283 707051 will still work, although what will happen…who can say.

View Graham Tyers's profile on Professionals UK

Why ParentShield?

Everyone who knows me will know that I’m the proud father of a couple of ( now very grown-up ) sons. The youngest of whom is severely Autistic. I’ve spent 26 years, and counting, immersed in the world of Special Needs, and particularly autism and communications difficulties. I spent many years as Governor of the Holbrook Centre for Autism where our son was an attendee for many – about 15 – years. Pre-History I was a mechanic, a journalist, a maniacal mechanical journalist, and a mechanicals-marketing director.

As an ISP, marketing specialist and telecoms systems developer, ParentShield has been a little like a natural and inevitable progression to becoming an MVNO – pretty much the telecoms equivalent of tripping up, and rolling headfirst down a hillside into a bed of nettles.

If you’re a farmer of Rumex obtusifolius, get in touch. If only because the word Obtusifolius is such a brilliant word.

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