Data Set-up Guide

To be able to use Data with our SIMs you will need to create a new "Access Point Name".

This can be done by following the easy steps shown below.


From the home screen, tap the Menu button

1) Tap Settings

2) Tap Mobile networks

3) Tap Access Point Names

4) Tap New APN

5) Enter mobiledata in both the Name and the APN fields

6) Ensure the field if the username and password are empty, then tap OK

7) Tap Save

8) Turn on Mobile Data and Mobile Roaming


From the home screen:

1) Tap Settings

2) In the first section tap Mobile/Cellular

3) Tap Mobile data network/Cellular data network

4) Enter the following settings into the onscreen form, without changing any other settings:

Mobile/Cellular Data:
APN - mobiledata
Username - (leave this blank)
Password - (leave this blank)

5) Tap the left arrow at the top three times

6) Press the home button

7) On the status bar at the top of the screen, next to the name of your mobile network, you should now see a data connection indicator 4G, 3G, E or GPRS. This means the data connection is live and working

Setting Mobile Data on an Android mobile

Here's a video of our Head of Mumbling setting up an Android Mobile for Mobile Data.
The basic principles are the same on all devices - it's just a job of finding the setting in the menu:
  • Go to Settings
  • Find Networking and Mobile Data Settings
  • Turn On Mobile Data and Mobile Roaming
  • Find and Delete any old APN records
  • Add a new APN called mobiledata with an APN of mobiledata
  • Save the New APN
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