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Designed for Children

The Only Mobile Network Designed For Children and only used by children.

Adult Mobile Networks aren't Designed for Children - ParentShield is
Adult Mobile Networks aren’t Designed for Children – ParentShield is

Normal Mobile Phone Services simply aren’t suitable for younger children, or those with special needs.

Because all our phones are used by children, or those with similar needs, Every aspect of ParentShield is designed with this in mind. If a ParentShield user calls 999, the Police instantly know that there is a child involved – this is not the case with ANY other network.

What we set out to develop in ParentShield wasn’t a ‘cut-down’ “my-first-mobile” service, but a Network with every possible powerful child-protection feature built in that we could.  Basically all the things that the major Networks either wouldn’t or couldn’t do. Even in complex co-parenting or care situations.

We wanted from the outset to build in powerful monitoring capabilities – such as call recording and SMS recording, as well as automatic word alerts to help parents better face the risks of children having mobile phones.  Controls such as time settings that will stop the phone being used to make calls or send texts outside set hours, or after bedtime, were logical extensions that came shortly after. And there are many more that have followed since like SchoolBlock, Number Neighbour Protection and Network Watch. Have a scan through our Features Page to find even more.

Ultra-Secure Protection Mode

In the network’s most restrictive ‘Ultra Secure Mode’ any unlocked phone can only call or text, or be called or be texted by up to two ‘Home Numbers’ – effectively turning a mobile phone into a personal safety device that can only call home, or the emergency services. It’s akin to having a two-way cellphone powered walkie-talkie between home and the child. It’s a great way to start out and we have children from the age or 4 safely and responsibly using mobile phones for the first time this way.

Once we started designing the Network it was clear that there were many protective features that we could add.  All customers have access to an online portal that allows them to see and hear all the calls and texts, set various levels of protection and even turn mobile data on and off remotely without touching the phone. It’s important to us that the phone user has a totally-normal user experience.

Roaming SIMS for Ultimate Coverage

We provide SIM cards that actually roam across all of the major networks. If a signal is available from EE, O2, Three or Vodafone, the ParentShield SIMS will roam onto that network. This provides a super-network that is virtually devoid of ‘not-spots’; something that is a clear safety and practical benefit for any user.

Recommended by professionals

ParentShield is in active use in Childrens’ Homes and recommended by Police and childcare professionals on a daily basis. Only a monitored and properly-controlled SIM card can provide the level of protection needed in many circumstances. Even if the protective features of ParentShield aren’t used day-to-day, they provide peace of mind. Should the unthinkable happen, ParentShield provides a layer of security not available from a normal mobile phone network.

Designed for Security

Unlike a ‘normal’ mobile network, ParentShield is designed to provide the extra layer of security that children need. It’s a little like having a call firewall that will filter out the callers that are not wanted, and allow through those whom the child needs and relies upon.

Extra features built in prevent SimJacking, NumberJacking and Phone voicemail hacking – all security problems that traditional networks suffer from. The complete re-design of the traditional voicemail system removes all possibility of remote bullying, or contact from those that shouldn’t be able to contact your child.

It’s the little things that make ParentShield better…

It’s hard to list all the differences between ParentShield and your own network. There are many. But take unanswered calls as an example.

On an adult network, you have no way of spotting calls your child is making that are unanswered. And no way of knowing if your child is missing important calls. They won’t appear on your itemised bill. You just wouldn’t know.

With ParentShield, every call, answered or not, inbound or outbound, is listed in your portal along with the amount to time that the call rang out for. This is useful so you can spot unwanted behaviour, or to be able to check that they have the correct number or just that the ringer is turned on!

Unlimited use of the things that matter…

As parents we probably don’t want a child’s phone to have unlimited access to the internet or unlimited messaging to unknown numbers, but we don’t want to be worrying about our child not being able to call or text home, or whether or not we can locate them while they’re out and about.

To provide high limits would be expensive and dangerous, so ParentShield is the only network that provides unlimited calls and texts home, and unlimited data for tracking purposes. Tracking data can be applied on any data-enabled tariff at any time should it be needed.

AI protection and automatic abuse blocking

As ParentShield’s network has grown, so has the ability to spot concerning patterns of usage programmatically. A child being bombarded with many messages from an untrusted number with no, or few replies for instance is an issue that parents might want to block first, and then investigate. The same goes for their own child sending repeated messages over and over to another child or mobile. It’s behaviour that, unchecked, could cause serious problems.

Along with ParentShield’s Word Alert features, automatic blocking and alerting is a huge difference between a mobile network designed for children and a mobile network designed for adults.

As many account logins as you need

An adult’s mobile phone account is designed, primarily, with just the one account online login, for the person whose phone it is. That’s great for most people, but what if the phone is for a child? You may need two, three or even more different adults to be able to log in and monitor and control a phone. With children, this is a really common thing.

So ParentShield allows you to have as many logins as you need, and you can even set the phone service up for, say, a grandparent to pay for the service, and parents to be able to log in and administer it. It’s a small think, but these are all things that make for a great child mobile phone network.

Children are safer with a Mobile Phone

We strongly believe that children are safer with a mobile phone than without. By applying ParentShield mobile phone controls, there is no danger to be had as the child can only call or be called by the numbers that parents allow, and monitoring is available should they choose to allow calls and texts to or from unknown parties.

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