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Don’t leave safe mobile phone use for granted – warns ParentShield

With Back-to-School around the corner, ParentShield, urges parents not to take it for granted that children will know how to safely use a mobile phone

As the end of school year period approaches, ParentShield, the UK’s only child-safe mobile network, is urging parents not to simply presume that their children will know how to communicate safely and politely on their new mobile phones without training and education.

Mobile phones become increasingly ubiquitous, it is important for parents to teach their children how to use them safely says the specialist UK mobile network. With children as young as five years old now regularly using mobile devices, parents must take a proactive approach to ensure their kids understand the potential risks and learn how to navigate the digital world and remote conversations responsibly.

”Safe phone usage by children is all about knowing the sorts of conversations being had, and with whom, so appropriate timely conversations can take place in the home.”

Graham Tyers

According to recent data, over 70% of children aged 5-12 now own a mobile phone, and this number is only expected to rise. While mobile devices can provide a wealth of safety, educational and entertainment opportunities for children, they also pose certain risks if used improperly. Cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, and identity theft are just a few examples of the dangers that children may face when using mobile phones. Without training and guidance they are also unlikely to handle what is potentially a powerful computer in their pocket, properly to ensure it’s always available as a safety device for emergency communications.

To address these risks and promote safe mobile phone usage, Derby based ParentShield has renewed its call on parents and carers to take an active role in teaching their children about digital safety. This can include setting rules and guidelines for phone usage, monitoring their child’s online activity, and educating them about potential dangers. Even the simple practical usage of a phone such as how to dial a phone number or send an SMS shouldn’t be taken for granted.

One of the most important things parents can do to promote safe mobile phone usage is to establish clear rules and guidelines. This may include setting limits on screen time, defining acceptable online behavior, and establishing consequences for violating rules. By setting these boundaries early on, parents can help their children develop healthy habits and avoid potential dangers. Choosing a mobile network that allows close control of allowed callers and texters will also allow parents more control and peace of mind.

In addition to setting rules and guidelines, parents should also monitor their child’s online and communications activity. This can involve regularly checking their child’s phone for any inappropriate content, monitoring their social media accounts, and talking an active interest in who they are communicating with as well as talking with their child about any concerns or issues that arise. By staying involved and informed, parents can help prevent cyberbullying and other negative online experiences.

Finally, parents should educate their children about potential risks and how to stay safe while using their mobile devices. This may include teaching children about the importance of protecting their personal information, avoiding suspicious links or downloads, and reporting any instances of bullying or harassment. By educating children about these issues, parents can help them develop the skills and awareness needed to stay safe in the digital world.

“As a parent myself, I understand the importance of ensuring my children use mobile phones safely,” said Paul Stevenson, spokesperson for ParentShield. “By taking a proactive approach to digital safety and establishing clear guidelines for mobile phone usage, parents can help their children develop healthy habits and avoid potential risks.”

To further promote digital safety and raise awareness about the importance of teaching children how to use mobile phones safely, ParentShield has added new free resources for schools and a comprehensive collection of downloadable PDF guides for parents and children, including tips for safe mobile phone usage, information about common online risks, and guidelines for establishing healthy digital habits.

“We believe that digital safety is an issue that affects everyone, and we are committed to promoting safe and responsible mobile phone usage,” said Paul Stevenson Parentshield CMO. “Through our new campaign, we hope to empower parents and children with the knowledge and tools they need to stay safe in the digital world.”

About ParentShield

ParentShield is the UK’s only Mobile Network designed specifically with children in mind, incorporating a wide range of tools – from call recording to keyword alerts – that allow parents to oversee their child’s phone usage without invading their privacy. It can work with any unlocked feature-phone, smartphone or smartwatch and does not require any app or parental controls to be set on the device. Its features are handled remotely, allowing for optimal convenience while kids retain their independence. The SIMs work across the UK and beyond.

The Network is an independent MVNO with thousands of users across the UK. Due to its focus on child protection, ParentShield is used by parents and the care sector for safeguarding Children in various situations.

Being a SIM-based network-side service, parents can provide ANY unlocked phone to their child and give them a totally normal mobile phone experience without the stigma of being a locked or crippled “parental control” phone that you wouldn’t want to show their friends in the playground.

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