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EE SIM Only Deal for Kids

EE is massive in the UK, with 26 million subscribers. It’s huge, and has grown to its current size by swallowing up the old Orange, BT Mobile and T-Mobile networks in the UK and rolling them all into a single brand – Everything Everywhere, or thankfully now EE in most places.

As with the other networks, it’s usually parents on the EE network itself that are likely to look for a SIM on the EE Brand. But is it possible to get a SIM that connects to the EE network for a child and still get all the ParentShield controls? Of course! ParentShield’s new Super Roaming profile will do this. ParentShield Network is the only place you will find Network-side parental controls for calls and texts. Networks make a big deal of their internet controls, but for a younger child, the Internet, ironically can be the least of the worries – Especially if the child has a simple feature phone.

With ParentShield on the EE network you get the EE SIM Only deal and coverage, plus all the unique features and benefits that only come with ParentShield. For a video walkthrough of the features provided by ParentShield’s powerful Portal see the Parentshield Portal Guide page.

eSIM is also now available for a child on the EE signal

ParentShield has also recently released eSIM on the ParentShield network and this allows you to select EE as the preferred carrier for your child’s phone or smart watch as required.

People Love EE SIM-ONLY

Many people love EE for its outstanding coverage. The Network taunts the others with its boast of ‘network envy’ and in some areas – justifiably too. But to say you can always get a connection on EE would be a massive exaggeration! But, if you have a roaming SIM, you can get the outstanding coverage of EE and on top the combined coverage of ALL the networks. The results are simply stunning.

EE is a brand within the BT Group so you can be sure it’s well connected and, as far as we’re concerned – EE’s network reliability is the one to match.

Along with Vodafone, and O2, EE controls a large share of the < 1GHz mobile spectrum in the UK and so benefits from the greater range afforded by larger wavelengths. See a chart of Mobile Radio Frequencies on our blog about mobile signal blockers. It does have a very good spread of wavelengths – and its 5G rollout has been faster than most so far.

The lower portion of the radio spectrum is better for long distance connection, and the ability for longer wavelengths to “bend” or defract as us radio fanatics say, means your child using EE could potentially have a signal in the shadow of man-made or natural obstacles where a SIM only on the higher ( and more recently-introduced ) 1800Mhz band may not. Not that EE doesn’t have bandwidth in 1800Mhz but they hold a larger share of the longer wavelength spectrum.

ParentShield’s Super-Roaming SIM on the EE Network allows parents to provide all the security and safety benefits of the ParentShield Portal while tapping into the proven and reliable EE sim only signal for their Child’s Mobile Phone. The ParentShield SIM can be configured to connect to EE and adds a host of protective features such as a no data SIM option.

Getting an EE SIM for your Child’s Phone

Simply place an order for any of the ParentShield SIM Plans and choose the EE or Super-Roaming network option at the checkout. We will ensure your SIM can then connect to to the EE Network.

Getting your Child on an EE connected SIM is particularly favoured by customers who themselves use the EE network, or Orange or T-Mobile and are then in a position to advise their children exactly where in the house, or neighbourhood the most reliable Everything Everywhere network signal can be found. This is particularly important in areas with a lower level of coverage. In these situations – ParentShield Super Roaming is doubly valuable.

EE's BT Tower
For a Child. All Networks is better than any One network. When it comes to creating full-blown Network Jealously, Super Roaming the only way to go. When comparing Signal bars with your friends, you know that you’ll never be beaten.

EE Child SIM

When you get your ParentShield SIM and insert it into a child’s phone, the SIM activation process will examine all the available networks where you are and automatically configure the EE SIM card’s network profile according to the selections made at checkout. The priority is to get the very best connection and service for every user.


ParentShield doesn’t have an ‘only EE’ option and EE network coverage is added by selecting the ‘Super Roaming’ All Network SIM option at checkout. This adds the EE coverage area as well as the combined coverage areas of all the other networks.

What happened to Orange?

Orange was subsumed Into EE. Orange UK merged with Deutsche Telekom‘s T-Mobile UK to form a joint venture, EE in 2010. However the name carried on for a few years after that. We still see the odd device identifying as Orange.

Orange had a very loyal following and launched after a very long teaser campaign of “The Future is Orange” – if you’re old enough to remember that. The tariffs were new, with subscribers enrolling onto the Dolphin, Monkey, Canary, Racoon, Panther or Camel tariff plans. It was a radical change from what had come before it, that’s for sure.

T-Mobile and Virgin are on EE SIMs as well?

Yes, in the UK, the Merger of T-Mobile and Orange was the start of the rolling into EE. The whole landscape of mobile phone network deals and mergers is a complicated one. Take Virgin Mobile for example, that is in a 50:50 Joint venture between Virgin and O2, yet many of their users are on an EE Only SIM. Others are on Vodafone, and we presume in future will switch to O2.

You can still find Orange and T-Mobile in other countries though.

Which Children’s SIM is the best option?

Don’t Panic! have a read of our network selection guide for more details. ParentShield’s Super Roaming SIM will actually connect to Vodafone and Three and O2 UK as well! so we can guarantee coverage in areas that don’t have a particularly good EE signal.

An EE SIM Only deal for a child is still a great option if you have an older 3G or 2G mobile. As this network’s legacy coverage is still very good on EE – although 4G and 5G coverage is right up there with that of the other Networks. 2G and 3G still have plenty of life left and won’t be obsolete in the UK for another 10 years at least.

Being a roaming SIM, a ParentShield EE SIM card for a Child’s first phone will provide all the coverage as EE themselves. In addition that of PlusNet or BT Mobile who ‘piggyback’ that signal. But with the addition of all the ParentShield Safety and Security Features, such as recording, alerting and comprehensive block and allow lists, ParentShield goes one step further. Like all ParentShield features these are all available through your portal without any need to touch the phone or call any support line!

Should you Hand Down your EE Network Preference?

Why not! But with ParentShield’s Super Roaming you can go 2 or three better by combining all network coverage with ParentShield’s own unique parental controls.

A bit more about EE SIM from BT

The parent company behind the EE signals in the UK is British Telecom. This organisation has the towers, and the satellites! While others may have gone with Radio and Mobiles a little quicker, BT has one heck of an infrastructure and has over 105,000 staff in the UK alone and has branches spread around the globe. Through it’s Orange and T-Mobile deals, it easily connects directly with other operators throughout Europe.

View From EE's BT Tower
A view of London on a misty November Day from EE’s iconic BT Tower.

The EE Network’s Unique View of London from the top of the Iconic BT Tower in London

A great symbol of EE’s place in the UK Mobile world can be seen from the Iconic BT Tower in London’s Fitzrovia District.
Here is a view that we snapped a while back while we were there as EE’s guests discussing our plans and potential rollout for an EE Child SIM Only card using the EE Network.
The EE grid is uniquely connected to the very core of the UK’s telephony infrastructure and at ParentShield EE and BT is a key infrastructure partner carrying the primary voice route for our Child-Safe Network voice traffic.

The network is so connected to the National Communications Network Infrastructure that the BT Tower was, for many years listed as an Official Secret and, despite being huge and towering 158m above the London Skyline.

In 1993 the MP and Minister Kate Hoey made a point of using Parliamentary Privilege to point out to everyone that the EE structure actually *did* exist.

ParentShield SIM Only will work on all of EE’s networks – either directly in the UK, or through Orange or T-Mobile wherever they appear, all the way across Europe.

EE, until recently had a partnership with Virgin mobile but lost that after a bit of a Global shakeup that culminated in Virgin partnering with O2 to become “Virgin Media O2”.

Taking out a ParentShield contract and requesting Super Roaming at checkout will do the trick. If you are unsure which network(s) will be the best for you – call us on 03301221180 as we have access to the coverage maps for all the networks and will be delighted to find you the best option.

EE SIM Only FAQ for Parents

Can I get an EE Child’s SIM with ParentShield?

Yes – your EE SIM card for your child can come with the safety, monitoring and control features of ParentShield by specifying Super Roaming as your preferred network at checkout.

My Phone is locked to EE. Will that work in my Child’s First Phone.

To use a ParentShield SIM the phone will still have to be unlocked to all networks. The Good News, with capital G and a capital N, is that EE is brilliant at the unlocking business. Newer phones will now be unlocked anyway, and EE has been ‘auto unlocking’ phones as they come out of contract also.

Is EE a good network for a Child’s First Phone?

Yes – for its coverage, technology and long-term stability, EE SIM Only deal ticks all the boxes and is a great option if you prefer to go for a single-network child’s SIM card. It’s been better when combined with the others in Super Roaming.

How about a Family Plan for a child’s mobile. Does EE do this.

Yes, EE and its MVNO like Plusnet and BT Mobile all provide ‘extra sim’ family plans but getting an EE SIM in your Parentshield Portal is the only way to have the ParentShield monitoring, control and security features.

Are there any child SIM card Deals for EE connected ParentShield?

Yes – always. Keep an eye on the SIM card deals page for the voucher that suits you.

EE is very good for Unlocking your Child’s Phone.

In our experience, if you are looking to hand your ex-contract phone down to a child, good news! EE rates right up there with O2 among ParentShield Customers for its ability to unlock child phones quickly and efficiently. Their Web Chat function is the Great place to start – or contact our unlocking team if you need assistance.

You can even text “UNLOCK” to the network to kick the process off

As it says on the tin. Just pop an EE SIM into the phone that you want to unlock. Text UNLOCK to 150 – you will receive a text message straight back with details.

How to get a child’s SIM card on All Networks

At the ParentShield Checkout – specify Super Roaming or “All Network SIM” as your preferred network. We will then ensure your Child’s SIM card will connect to the best mobile network including EE where possible. The catch phrase is taken, but when it comes to coverage, Super Roaming is guaranteed to turn anyone on a single network green with envy. It means your child can be confident that they can reach home in more places than they otherwise could.


You can order a new or replacement eSIM by: logging into your ‘My EE’ account, calling 150 or 0800 956 6000 from another phone or going into an EE store. If you need an eSIM for kids however, ParentShield can offer eSIM with all of the features you need to tailor your kids mobile experience around their age or ability.

Child SIM-Only no-quibble coverage guarantee

If you have any questions about EE Network coverage, or the reach of ParentShield on Super Roaming – call our network team on 03301221180 and say you have connectivity concerns. They can advise you on the best options for you, check coverage on ALL the networks, and could even send a SIM to enable you to check the coverage for yourself. If you don’t find that Super Roaming coverage gives you better coverage than your existing network – then simply let us know and we will refund you instantly. We’re that confident, and for a child’s first mobile phone on EE, or any other network, we believe coverage is everything.

SIM Sizes

Different size SIM cards are used by different devices. Most network providers will provide SIM cards in a triple-cut or tri-cut “universal SIM” that will press out to all sizes, but it’s worthwhile checking just in case! For more information check out the Ultimate ParentShield SIM Size Guide.

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