Fair Use Policy

Fair Use Policy

This policy describes the intended usage of the Service. The Service is intended only for the usage for which it has been designed and it's important for the stability of the service, and the safety of all users that the Service is used for the purpose it has been designed.

Intended use
The Service is intended for personal, non-commercial use as a mobile telecommunications service for the education, communication and protection of young or vulnerable users. It shall not be re-sold, re-purposed or used in any other way.

SIM use
The ParentShield SIM card may only be used in a single, personal, hand-held mobile telephone by a child or other vulnerable person. It may not be used in a SIM gateway device or connected to any other device, computer, network or system or for any other purpose. It may not be modified. Any Artificial Inflation of Traffic will result in termination of the agreement as described in the Terms and Conditions. PAC Codes are designed to allow legitimate users to maintain vital personal contact. Any unauthorised users will not be provided with PAC codes in the case of Termination.

Reputation or Legality
The Service may not be used in any way that endangers our reputation or the stability of our communications network. Any such usage or disclosure will cause the Termination of the Agreement as described in the Terms and Conditions.

Tethering of the mobile phone is not permitted.