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ParentShield’s Budgeting and Spending Features

Protect Against Excessive Spending or Usage

ParentShield is the only Mobile Network that is perfect for children because it allows the Parent to take full control over spending.

Unique spending controls give parents total peace of mind that there can never be a single unexpected bill, and powerful budgeting tools allow them to teach responsible usage and budgeting to their child.

Data Budgeting

  • Teach good habits and responsibility in mobile phone use
  • Optional Daily Data Budgeting feature
  • Reserve Data for your own use to locate the phone
  • See daily data use from your Portal
Spending Controls

Spending Controls

  • Automatically blocks ALL premium rate services
  • All overseas numbers are unavailable
  • No unexpected bills ever. No ParentShield customer has ever received a bill that is unexpected
  • Expensive or Premium Rate numbers are all blocked as are SMS Shortcode numbers designed for voting or donations
  • Expensive and privacy-concerning MMS are always blocked

ParentShield Customers are protected from all extra spending

Every ParentShield SIM card is permanently prevented from incurring any extra charges whatsoever. There are no ‘out of bundle’ numbers, and expensive ‘shortcode’ SMS or MMS picture messages are all permanently disabled. Many customers come to us after a bad experience with an adult mobile network that has issued a huge surprise bill. The prices for ParentShield SIM contracts are all fixed and cannot be inflated under any circumstances.