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Protect: ParentShield Time Control Features

Control When a Child’s Calls, Texts and Mobile Data are available

Controlling the times and situations where a child can use a phone is a key part of teaching responsible use.

Without touching the phone, ParentShield allows parents to control all calls, texts and mobile data.

Bedtime Controls

  • Control bedtime remotely from your online Portal
  • Set Bedtime once and after this time the phone can not make or receive calls or SMS, or access Mobile Data
  • The Special ‘Home Numbers’ are the only exception as these will always work under any circumstance
  • At bedtime any calls in progress will be given a few minutes to terminate before being disconnected.
Child Bedtime Controls
Child SchoolTime Controls


  • A single switch in your online Portal allows you to enable SchoolBlock
  • SchoolBlock stops all calls, texts and mobile data from working between the hours of 9am and 3pm
  • Calls to or from Home will still work to allow for any emergency situations that may arise.

Set time controls and relax

Confiscating mobile phones at nighttime to prevent excessive use is a certain way to cause an argument. ParentShield provides an easy alternative. By negotiating usage times beforehand, the ‘allow’ times can easily be set in the portal and outside of these times the movie phone cannot access mobile data, and cannot call or be called, and cannot send or receive SMS messages.

As the user grows, or for weekends or holidays, these times can be changed in a matter of seconds from the Online Parentshield Portal.

Home Numbers are never blocked

The special ‘Home Numbers’ that you set on the account are always excluded from any time controls. So should your child be out later than usual, or need to contact you during school hours, for whatever reason, there is no situation where time controls or SchoolBlock controls can ever restrict calls or texts home.