ParentShield Call Control Features

ParentShield is the only Mobile Network that is perfect for children. Because it is designed for children from the ground up.

Safe for the very youngest phone users

  • ParentShield started from a simple request to provide a SIM card that would allow a user to call home, and be called by home - but no other numbers. A bit like a two-way radio or walkie-talkie with a direct link to home. The network has never lost this key feature - and has expanded on it.
  • Years Later, ParentShield includes the most sophisticated caller and callee control offered by any Network, anywhere in the world. The Portal controls can be set in either of two modes - Ultra Secure, where everything but Home Numbers are blocked unless explicitly whitelisted, or normal mode where calls are allowed unless explicitly blocked.

Your Permanent Direct Link from Home

  • A regular PAYG or monthly-contract SIM will still cut your child's phone off when the balance or monthly allowance has been reached. ParentShield is designed with the most valuable of users in mind - so they should never be unable to call home.

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