ParentShield – a different kind of network

With ParentShield, a child can have exactly the phone that they want or need, and don’t have the aggravation of embarrassing or restrictive parental controls. No child wants a “Child’s Phone”! As long as the phone is unlocked to all networks, it will work perfectly.

It also means you can change security settings and view usage remotely without any need to take the phone off the child at any point. Confiscating a phone is a guaranteed argument in the making, and removes that vital link with home. Simply use ParentShield and place the phone in Ultra Secure Mode.

Unlimited Calls Home

Call and SMS Recording

Know exactly what conversations are being had, and with whom, by reviewing your child’s call and SMS history.
Even if you don’t check the recordings regularly, you have the peace of mind knowing that, should the worst happen, the calls and texts are there, archived securely for six months.

Record calls
Record Texts

Flexible as they grow

ParentShield customers can change tariffs at any time, and it’s a rolling monthly contract that can be suspended or cancelled at any time.

Perfect for Corporate Parents

Right for the Job

From the free and quick SIM replacement service for lost phones to the ability to alert parents about inappropriate usage – ParentShield is very different to any other Network.

Spending Controls

Time and SchoolBlock Controls

Use the power of the ParentShield Parent Portal to say exactly when the Phone can call or be called, and when it can send and receive SMS, or use mobile data.

Outside the allowed times, only your Home Numbers ( and the emergency services ) will work. Because the controls are network-side, there is no way around them, and ParentShield will work in any unlocked Phone.