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A ParentShield SIM can be instantly blocked from calls, texts or mobile data at school

Download pdf documents here and share with parents

ParentShield Brochure
Safely Introducing a first Mobile
Safely Introducing a first Mobile
Sample Mobile Phone Contract
Sample Mobile Phone Contract
What Phone is safe for what age
What Phone is safe for what age
Best Phone Watch for Kids
Phone Watch Guide
Important WhatsApp Safety
Important WhatsApp Safety
TikTok GUide
TikTok Family Pairing
Parent Email Creative
Parent Email Creative
ultimate family link guide
ultimate family share guide

You can also view, convert and download all of these pdf on our Issuu page:

At ParentShield we are very aware of the issues that Schools face from Mobile Phones at School. We want to help. ParentShield is all about teaching responsible phone usage. We believe, that, by providing the right features and the right information we can be a big help. For Instance every ParentShield account is equipped with SchoolBlock, a single button Parents can press in their online account that Blocks ALL calls, SMS, and Mobile Data on their child’s phone during School hours – ParentShield easily makes any phone a School Proof Phone.

We would like to send you a box ( or two! ) of our brochures to distribute to Parents.

Providing access and information about a Safe Mobile Network is a great way of kicking off that difficult and inevitable conversation about Mobile Phones. Giving Parents the tools to control use at school and monitor their children’s communications makes the introduction of safe school policies easier. For that reason dozens of schools are recommending ParentShield to the Parents of their new KS2 and KS3

If you would like some brochures, or a customised Handout, or images or information for your email newsletter or website – we’d love to help.

We are always keen to hear your Mobile Phone stories and experiences. Check out our School Mobile Phone Policy page to see what other schools are doing.

A smaller information sheet produced by one our partner schools can also be found here to attach to your Parent’s pack or include in newsletters.
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The School-Proof Mobile Phone

Any phone that has a ParentShield SIM card is instantly a school proof phone when it is set into SchoolBlock mode by the parent in their secure internet portal.

Schoolblock blocks all calls, text messages AND mobile data

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