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Fortnite Moves to Voice Recording to Protect Children in Matches

Epic Games, the creators behind the widely popular game Fortnite, has taken a decisive step toward bolstering online safety with the implementation of voice recording capabilities within the game. The new voice reporting feature, aimed at protecting young players, enables the reporting of inappropriate behaviour via voice chat, contributing to a more secure space for children navigating the gaming realm.

The introduction, represents a significant stride in combating cyberbullying, harassment, and other forms of misconduct prevalent in online gaming platforms. Players now have the ability to provide audio evidence when reporting instances of violations against the established Community Rules within Fortnite.

The mechanism behind this feature involves the capture of the most recent five minutes of voice conversations, allowing users to submit this recorded audio as evidence during the reporting process. This method empowers players to take action against inappropriate behavior, promoting a healthier and safer gaming environment.

You can read the full details of Epic Games’ announcement here

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