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Get your Child’s Phone ready for Back to School

The Summer holidays are a time for adventures, excitement and ice creams, but as the end comes into sight, getting everything ready for Back-to-School can be a real scramble.  Don’t forget to check their phone before the big day to make sure everything is in good working order.

Make sure the phone is in good working order before sending them off to school
Make sure the phone is in good working order before sending them off to school

Update the phones operating software

The first thing is to get the phone connected to Wifi and update the phone to the latest version of its operating software, outdated operating software causes unexpected behaviour, which is definitely not what you need.

At the time of writing the latest versions are as follows:

Iphone:   17.5

Android:  14 

If their phone doesn’t support the latest version, make sure it’s the latest version that the phone does support.

Phone settings check

Children do tend to fiddle with settings from time to time, so double check the main settings to avoid any panic.

– that roaming is switched on wherever mentioned

– that network selection is set to automatic

– that both voice and data have both 3G and 4G(LTE) selected

– that the APN is set correctly – ours is dataconnect as in our data guide here

Activate SchoolBlock!

ParentShield takes care of mobile phone classroom distractions with its revolutionary SchoolBlock facility.  Log into your parent portal and within the Settings tab, look for the SchoolBlock switch.  This will block all calls, texts and mobile data during school hours.  But will still allow communications to the two home numbers, and the emergency services of course.

block phones at school on
Simply pop SchoolBlock on with one simple switch

Set up location tracking 

The first thing to check is that location services are enabled in the phone settings, and that mobile data is turned on.

Both Apple and Android’s ‘find my phone’ facilities are excellent, and free of charge.  You’ll just need to make sure that mobile data is available for the lookup.

Check the portal to make sure there is sufficient data available and that data is switched on in the portal.

If you’re yet to set up location tracking, you can follow our step-by-step guides here:

iPhone guide to location tracking

Android guide to location tracking

If you’re on Safe Stage 1, you can upload some cash balance to use for data.  Lots of parents keep data switched off in the portal, and then when they want to locate the phone, switch data on, locate the phone, and then switch it back off again.

Now test it.

Make sure it’s fully charged!

One of the most frustrating things is getting everything set up for them so they’re all ready to go…. and then the battery dies! They can’t call you, you can’t call them, and location tracking is out of the window.

Back to School SIM only deals and offers

If you’ve not already got a Back-to-school SIM only deal for your Childs phone, you can get a range of voucher codes on the ParentShield Voucher Codes page including the BACK2SCHOOL code that will start the billing on the 1st of September even if the SIM is ordered in June!

SIM for school advert
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