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Getting a new Phone Number

There are times and circumstances where you might need a new phone number. ParentShield knows from experience that this affects children quite often. So we’ve made it as easy as possible. In many cases we can perform a number swap on a SIM card remotely and very quickly so there is no down-time.

Common Reasons for needing a new Phone Number

  • Current Phone Number has been published or “doxed” online
  • Handing a phone to another child
  • Confusion with another similar number
  • To prevent contact by undesirable callers

Their First Number

For a child’s first phone number it’s a simple job of ordering a SIM-ONLY deal from ParentShield and when the SIM arrives, pop it into their phone and restart it.

Keeping your Existing SIM

If we are changing the phone number to another number supplied by ParentShield then there will be no PAC required. And you will probably keep the same SIM card. Just call ParentShield Support on 03301221180 and say you’d like a new phone number. There is no charge for changing numbers.

Porting a new number in with a PAC

Although Number Porting isn’t something that’s commonly required, there are circumstances where it’s necessary. For instance a child with learning difficulty might have a special ‘memorable’ number that they will need to bring with them.

In these cases ParentShield Support can facilitate this. You just need to contact us with the PAC and number to bring over and our MNP team will take care of everything. The process will take a few days though.

ParentShield Phone Numbers

At the time of writing ParentShield phone numbers have the dialling code of 07360 although this will change as new numbers are allocated to us.

Random number allocation

Normally we allocate numbers randomly. This prevents anyone getting a ParentShield Card and then knowing what the next number will be. Because all our customers are children we don’t want to make this a possibility. In and case we do provide automatic number neighbour protection.

Getting consecutive numbers

There are instances where parents might want two consecutive phone numbers for their children. Or maybe matching numbers. Simply call us before placing an order and we’ll do what we can!

Memorable or “VIP Numbers”

Many people prize a ‘memorable number’, sometimes referred to as a golden number. Something like : 07700 900000 – you know the sort of thing. This particular example is part of Ofcom’s special allocation of numbers for TV or Drama. It might seem like a nice idea but the reality is often less appealing.

Memorable numbers are generally harder to type correctly, and are, counterintuitively, often harder to remember!

Mis-dialling, pocket dialling, or just calls from bored or inquisitive children, are also a thing if your Child’s phone number is like this. Numbers that are easy to say, and actually memorable are often very different.

Expensive Numbers

Some ‘VIP numbers’ are also from unusual ‘expensive’ number ranges. Not all 07 numbers are likely to be included in inclusive dialling plans with other people’s mobile companies. If you get your child a memorable number you may find that it’s costing you a huge amount to call them.

Examples of Expensive 07 numbers include:

  • 070…. Personal Numbers – Designed for portability but will always be ‘expensive to call’
  • 07 Wifi Numbers – some 07 numbers will cost more to dial from landlines and other mobiles. In any case – call ParentShield Support and they’ll be able to check any number out for you
  • Pager numbers
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