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giffgaff Child SIM

giffgaff is a large MVNO with revenues in the hundreds of millions per year. It is a subsidiary of O2 UK – legally incorporated as Telefónica UK Limited.

What network does giffgaff use?

giffgaff runs on its parent company, O2’s network. It is a lower cost alternative to O2 direct and offers a no contract solution. They also offer phones now too, many of which are perfect first phones for kids.

Some ParentShield customers actually buy their kids phones from giffgaff to use with their ParentShield SIM.

Getting the combined coverage of all networks on a giffgaff phone for kids

By ordering a ParentShield SIM you can easily upgrade the single O2 network that giffgaff offers to an all-network roaming SIM that will use the combined coverage of all the other networks too, acting as a Super Network, which is a clear practical and safety benefit for a child.

Super-Roaming is an optional extra at the ParentShield online shop.

Are giffgaff phones unlocked?

Yes. GiffGaff have large selection of phones, both new and refurbished and also have finance options.

All giffgaffs phones are unlocked to all networks too, so perfect if you’re looking to buy a giffgaff phone to use with a ParentShield SIM card.

giffgaff SIM only

giffgaff offer a range of options in the forms of ‘Goodybags’ which have unlimited calls and texts and a range of Data bundles, which can be a great option for a child.

If you have any worries around your child’s transition into the new world of mobiles, the protective features of a ParentShield SIM may well be a better solution.

giffgaff customer service

giffgaff was founded on the ethos that a mobile network could be run without call centres, so they don’t offer customer service telephone support. Alternatively, they hand over general support queries to the ‘community’ where other members will guide them, and be reward by giffgaff for doing so – there are direct channels for account specific queries or complaints of course, but this is largely over email.

If you’re looking for a network where you have the choice to pick the phone up, drop on a live chat, or shoot a quick email and get though to someone instantly to talk about your Childs phone, ParentShield may be a more ideal choice.

A bit more about giffgaff

  • giffgaff was founded in 2009 by Gav Thompson, whom conceived the idea as head of brand strategy for O2.
  • giffgaff is a lower cost brand of Telefónica UK (trading as O2 UK)
  • giffgaff has an excellent reputation, achieving a solid 4.3 out of 5 from over 16,000 reviews on TrustPilot at the time of writing.
  • Their website can be found at https://www.giffgaff.com

For Kids though, giffgaff doesn’t provide the special child protection features of ParentShield