Taking your ParentShield SIM Abroad

If you are taking your ParentShield SIM abroad - or calling a phone that is abroad, here is everything that you need to know and what you need to do.

  • To prevent overspending or abuse - a ParentShield SIM can only dial UK landline or mobile numbers. Even if it is abroad.
  • To allow the ParentShield SIM to make outbound calls, and receive calls from the UK whilst maintaining protection, we will need a special arrangement in the country you are visiting. If you want your ParentShield phone to be able to call or be called by UK numbers while overseas ( either UK numbers in the UK, or UK numbers that are also roaming abroad ), please supply information using the form opposite.
  • Charges: For most popular destinations, there is no extra charge for roaming abroad. For other countries we have a 'one-off weekly' charge that covers setup and any call charges while abroad in that country. For a full list of countries and the charges see: Overseas Roaming Charges. In any case this is the only possible extra spend beyond what would apply at home.

If you're going abroad please enter your roaming details below!

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