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Going Abroad with your ParentShield SIM

Like most other mobile phone services, ParentShield SIM cards will work abroad if you are going on holiday, or your child is going on a school trip or away with a sports team. But as you would expect with ParentShield there are some differences to ensure there are still no surprise bills.

While they are away, the ParentShield phone will be able to call home to the UK, and be called from the UK as normal. But extra costs associated normally associated with roaming – such as costs to call the phone from the UK, or costs to call home, are all covered by ParentShield and our ‘no extra costs, ever’ guarantee still stands. We are asking overseas travellers to upgrade to the Super-Roaming tariff ( Currently £2.99 ) where possible but will still allow overseas roaming if this is a problem.

Lost Child Phone Abroad

ParentShield even protects you should your child lose their phone abroad. Even a locked phone will not protect you on a normal network as it’s easy to just remove the SIM and use that to dial *very* expensive numbers. With ParentShield only standard UK mobile numbers and landlines can be called.

Where can my child’s phone roam?

ParentShield currently has agreements with 152 foreign mobile networks covering:

  • Austria ( A1,Drei,T-mobile)
  • Belgium (Belgacom,Orange,Proximus,Telenet)
  • Bulgaria (A1,BTC,Telenor)
  • Croatia (A1,T-Hrvatska, Telemach)
  • Cyprus (Cyprus Telecom, Monaco)
  • Czech Republic (O2,T-Mobile,Vodafone)
  • Denmark (Hi3G,TDC,Telenor,Telia)
  • Estonia (Elisa, Tele2,Telia)
  • Finland (Ålands,DNA,Telia)
  • France (Altice,SFR,Orange)
  • French Antilles (Dauphin,Digicel,OCM,Outremer)
  • French Departments and Territories in the Indian Ocean (Orange La Réunion, SRR)
  • Germany (Telefónica,TD,D2)
  • Greece (Cosmote, CYTA,Wind)
  • Hungary (Telenor, Vodafone)
  • Iceland (IT,Nova,Sýn)
  • Ireland (Eir, 3, Vodafone)
  • Isle of Man (Manx Telecom)
  • Italy (TIA,Wind,Vodafone)
  • Latvia (Bite, LMT,Tele2)
  • Liechtenstein (TL)
  • Lithuania (Telia, UAB)
  • Luxembourg (Post)
  • Malta (Epic, MTL)
  • Netherlands (Intovoice, KPN,T-Mobile, Libertel)
  • Norway (Telenor,Telia)
  • Poland (Polkomtel,T-Mobile )
  • Portugal (MEO, NOS, Vodafone)
  • Romania (Orange, TR, Vodafone)
  • Slovakia (O2,Orange,ST)
  • Slovenia (Telekom Slovenije, Tušmobil)
  • Spain (Orange, Telefónica Móviles,Vodafone, Xfera)
  • Sweden (HI3G,Tele2,Telia)
  • United Kingdom (EE,3,O2,Vodafone)

How to get Overseas Roaming for your child

Please use the App, or email us at and let us know where you are going and when. This will allow us to make sure we have peering arrangements in place with the main ( or in many cases all ) mobile operators where you are heading.

We get an alert whenever one of our SIM cards appears on a new network so we will try and pick them up if you forget to contact us and will usually get everything working within a few hours of first trying.

Restart your phone!

When you land, always restart your mobile completely. This will force a new “LU” – “Location Update” and get the phone into the local operator’s register so it will receive calls.

How ParentShield Differs From other Networks

To maintain our guarantee of no extra charges or costs there are a few differences. While you are abroad you will be able to call any UK number ( Landline or mobile ) as usual, by prefixing the call with 0044 ( and then omitting the 0 on the front of the number. ) It may be necessary to practice this with your child before setting out. The ParentShield phone will be reachable from the UK via its normal UK number.

All we ask is you explain to your child that calling from abroad is more expensive, and explain that their friends may well be charged more if they call them while they’re abroad too. Calls are there if they need them, but they should be kept short and to the minimum if possible.

While abroad the ParentShield phone won’t be able to call other overseas numbers, but will function on the host country’s emergency services network just like any other phone.

More Networks Coming

We are constantly growing and making new partnerships across the world as we grow so do keep looking back at this page if you are interested to know where we go next.

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