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ParentShield Support for Users

1How do I activate my SIM?

Your SIM will already be activated and be ready for you to use when it arrives. You will just need to break it down to the correct size and insert it into your child's phone.

Your username & random, temporary password will be delivered with your SIM. We highly recommend that you change your password to something that you'll easily remember, is a minimum of 15 characters long and is a mixture of letters, numbers & punctuation.

2I need a 'PUK'
If your phone is asking for a PUK it's because the user has probably turned on 'SIM PIN' on the phone ( or tried to and guessed the PIN number a few times incorrectly. )

If you try and guess a PUK the phone will permanently lock the SIM card
Just drop us an email to and we'll email the PUK over to you for your SIM card straight away. Alternatively give us a call on 03301221180 and say you need your PUK.
The PUK is unique for each SIM card so don't try guessing it or googling for answers - it won't work.
We have a page explaining PUK in more detail here


When you call ParentShield to talk about your account we may need to ensure it's you we are talking to. To do this we may ask you to supply the secret answer to the question you provide in your Portal under Settings --> Personal Information. Please ensure this is completed as soon as possible, just in case.

All calls may be recorded for security purposes

4I need a replacement SIM!
In the hands of young people, mobile phones can get lost or damaged beyond repair. It happens!
If you need a replacement SIM - call or email us and we'll have one on its way straight away after copying the number and call history over to it.
We don't charge for replacements.
5How can I upgrade my bundle?

To upgrade your bundle, you will need to call us on 0330 122 1180 or send an email to

After upgrading you will be charged the higher amount from your next bill date.

6I'm not sure I know how to use the portal correctly.

If you're unsure about how your portal works, take a look at our Portal Guide

If you have any further questions, please Contact Us

7My SIM will only connect to one Network? I thought it was meant to connect to them all?

To get your SIM to roam, you will need to go into the settings on your phone, find phone settings and then find "Network Selection" and choose the automatic network selection button. This will now allow your phone to roam over the major networks.

If your SIM can only find one Network to connect to, it will be due to your area, as not all of the networks have full UK coverage, which is why you have the power to connect to them all, so that your child can always contact Home.

It will take 48-72 hours for all the Networks to learn that the SIM is in use, so it's not unusual to find that roaming activity increases after the first couple of days.

8Is Mobile Tethering supported.

The ParentShield SIM is set with the mobile tethering instruction turned off. Many phones will obey that instruction, but others may not. There are a variety of apps that will share a mobile connection with others so it's impossible to enforce.

9My child's number is withheld when they make a call. Can I change this?

This behaviour can be changed in your call settings on the phone itself, as this is not a feature or problem with our network.

You can also override the setting on the phone using the switch in your Portal to always display outgoing Caller-ID if appropriate.

If caller ID is still not showing then the issue should be followed up with the network receiving the call. It's impossible for us to send calls without Caller-ID.
10What should I do if I'm concerned about what the SIM has recorded?
If you find any of the calls or SMS records concerning, there are various ways in which you can react. If you believe that your findings indicate that the phone user may be in danger of being abused, bullied, radicalised or harassed we advise that you report the suspected danger to the relevant authorities. We suggest that you report your suspicions to the Police, NSPCC or ChildLine.
11What do I do if my SIM gets stolen or broken?

If your SIM is stolen, you will need to let us know as soon as possible, so that we can disable it, transfer your balance over to a new account and send you a new SIM. We charge £5 for SIM replacements.

If your SIM breaks, let us know and we will send you a SIM free of charge and ensure that the broken SIM is disabled.

12How do I enable Mobile Data on my phone?
Discover the step by step guide Here

For the technical people: APN: mobiledata No Username or Password Required.

13Why won't the buttons on my portal work?

If the buttons in your portal's data or settings tab won't work, you will need to ensure that your device's cookies are enabled.

If they are disabled, they will need to be enabled in order for your buttons to work.

14I would like to add a new SIM card to my account for another child.

If you have another child or vulnerable person you would like a SIM for, you can add a new SIM to your account by Contacting Us or just place an order through this website using the same email address as you use to log into the portal.

15Recording and Privacy
Callers using a mobile telephone network have a right to expect privacy.
By default third parties calling into the Engine Mobile Network will be presented with an unobtrusive message before the call is connected.
"All calls to this number are recorded, Securely"

Where the Privacy Notice may cause safeguarding issues, please email with details so we can have a discussion about how, when and to whom the notice will be played.
16WhatsApp won't activate.

WhatsApp is fully compatible with ParentShield.

As WhatsApp relies on sending a standard SMS message to the phone for the verification handshake - do ensure that Ultra Secure mode is off during the setup process.

Also make sure the time controls on the phone will allow SMS and check the Portal on case the message has been blocked.

To use WhatsApp away from Wifi - Mobile data will be required.

17I see some strange text messages starting REG-RESP or REG-REQ
These are special 'hidden' messages that Apple uses to identify the phone for the purposes of iMessage.
When a SIM is inserted into an iPhone, the phone sends an SMS to Apple with a REG-REQ header. Apple replies with a REG-RESP.
We display all hidden messages so you can see if a SIM has been changed or of the phone is being targetted by malware.
18How can I terminate my contract?
To cancel your contract, you can do this by

Contacting us

We'll get back in touch very quickly to let you know what the earliest termination date will be.
19Something Doesn't Work

If there is an issue ( which could be something outside of our control - such as a network issue or a problem with a mobile carrier that you're connected to ), we'll update our system status page here:

To contact support please email: or give us a ring on 0330 122 1180 and we'll get to the bottom of it.

20PDP Authentication Error

If you're trying to connect to mobile data and receive a "PDP Authentication Error", check:

  • There is sufficient credit on the account
  • The data APN in the phone is set to "mobiledata"
21Delayed SMS or failed calls

There are a few potential causes for delayed SMS or failing calls. if the SIM is in an iPhone check out the blog post here that explains the most likely cause:

22I have set time restrictions. What happens to calls at the 'off' time?

We add a few minutes, for safety purposes, but at the 'off' time, calls to non-homenumbers will be terminated to enforce your chosen bedtime

23iMessage won't activate

ParentShield is fully compatible with iMessage and FaceTime. Occasionally though, iPhones may have difficulties registering a new number because its Apple ID is associated with another number.

The best solution is to fully restore the iPhone to factory settings and set it up as a new iPhone with a new Apple ID. If you want to retain an existing Apple ID, make sure all other devices are signed out of iCloud, back the phone up, restore it completely and then reload the backup.

As iMessage relies on sending a standard SMS message to and from the phone for the verification handshake - do ensure that Ultra Secure mode is off during the setup process.

24Blocking Withheld Numbers
If I add a number to the block list, can't the caller just withhold their caller ID and call again?
No. by some Network Magic we will know it's the blocked caller who is calling and block the call still. Under the block list settings there is an option to block all withheld numbers and this will block any caller who cannot be identified. Most Communications Providers are now properly communicating Caller Identity so this is becoming a rarer situation.
25SMS not sending - says failed on the phone
The most common reason for SMS not sending ( apart from the obvious 'no signal' times ) is the SMSC or SMS Message Centre address in the phone settings having been changed by the user.
The Setting is hard-coded onto the SIM but it needs to be:
SIMS shipped before the 1st August 2020 : +316540791031
Newer SIMS: +447797704709

If it has been changed to anything else, changing it back to this will fix the problem.

26When a text message is blocked what happens?
When a message is blocked by the Portal Settings, the blocked message will appear in the Portal still with a message to say it has been blocked and why. The sending phone will report that the message has been sent.
27How can my child check their own remaining Minutes and Texts?
Tell your users that they can text balance to any of your Home mobile numbers, and they will receive a text straight back with this information as well as the number of days to go until the account resets.

This is a 'free' text as it's to a Home Number and will work at any time. You will receive the text too - so you know that they have asked. The reply will be in the Portal as normal.

The text will also say how much data remains or is available if the account has been topped-up with cash for data.
28Does ParentShield Work Abroad?
Yes, but to achieve a recorded and monitored service Worldwide we have a few differences with other networks.
If your child is taking their mobile phone abroad, we may need a special arrangement with one or more of the overseas carriers. For most popular destinations we can extend the full ParentShield service abroad for no extra cost. For other countries we have a small weekly extra charge. In all cases, unexpected charges are impossible. As you'd expect with us.
For full details about overseas roaming see: Taking your ParentShield Abroad
29Call Recording and Privacy
The Law regarding call recording and privacy is quite complicated.
Callers using a mobile network have the right to expect privacy and ParentShield must juggle this requirement while providing the level of protection that our customers and users require.
For more detailed information please contact or call 0330 122 1180

If you have any more questions, please contact us. 0330 122 1180