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I am not a bot!

You will know how it works. You visit a website and within seconds a little waving hand or a, it has to be said, ver familiar looking lady – who seems to work for everyone – pops up in the corner off the screen offering help and advice.

ParentShield Live Chat is just that.
If you use the Live Chat facility on the ParentShield Website – we can guarantee that it’s a Human you are speaking to. Hang on, isn’t that *exactly* what a bot would say!

Unfortunately a large percentage of these ‘live chat’ devices are far from ‘live chat’, unless you are wanting a conversation with a bit of software somewhere in California.

ParentShield doesn’t have a bot!

Every conversation you have here will be with a real person. Specifically Graham, Paul or Ranald, so when you click on the Chat icon, you may need to wait a few seconds for us to pick up the chat. Whoever picks up the chat will have the ability to access account details and sort out virtually anything that needs sorting out, there and then.

Most customers who need to contact us use the Live Chat facility because it’s quick and easy and can be done virtually anywhere and anywhen.

What can I do using ParentShield Live Chat

  • Account Changes – Changing Tariffs
  • SIM orders – getting a new sim
  • SIM suspension – lost phones
  • SIM Replacements – ordering a new SIM
  • Overseas Roaming – letting us know you are going overseas
  • Inbound Ports – bringing a number to ParentShield
  • Account Queries – checking bills and payments
  • Account Closure – leaving Parentshield
  • Settings Changes – requesting a settings change
  • Just Chat – Say hello, test out our humanness!
  • SIM PIN number queries – if the phone has been PIN locked

Or use the portal

Virtually anything you need will be available from the ParentShield Portal but we know that it’s sometimes hard to be on the right device that has passwords stored – so don’t worry if that’s the case. One of our bots Humans will be on hand to sort everything out.

Depending on the question we will have to make sure we are making the right level of security checks so don’t be too alarmed if we need to ask you the security question or other verification details that only the genuine account holder will know. We know that these steps can be a bit annoying sometimes but we keep things as appropriate as possible.

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