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iD Mobile Child SIM Card

A SIM card from iD Mobile will be a Three Network SIM card. iD Mobile is a Three MVNO and this allows them to resell their facilities. iD Mobile offer a range of 1 month, 12 month and 24 month SIM Only deals, and also offer pay monthly phones. iD mobile has great customer feedback, receiving 3.9 out of 5 stars from 12,326 Trustpilot reviews at the time of writing.

iD Mobile is a Three MVNO

Opting for an iD Mobile SIM for your kids is the same as putting in a SIM supplied by the Three Network as the coverage and network features are the same as if the child had a Three SIM Only deal, which is great if the coverage is good in your area, but if it’s not, less so. Many people call this a “piggyback” solution.

Getting All Network coverage on your Childs phone

If the idea of boosting the overall coverage for your Childs phone is one that you would welcome, ordering a ParentShield SIM Card gives you the option to upgrade the single Three Network coverage supplied by an iD Mobile SIM, to extend the signal drawing power to the other networks too, so can connect to whichever is strongest at the time.

Super-Roaming is an optional extra in the ParentShield online shop.

Is an iD Mobile SIM the best SIM for kids?

If you’re hunting for a bargain, big data deals or want to package-in a phone, then possibly so. But if you’re not totally comfortable with that and are looking for something different that offers a wide range of special protective features, possibly not. Also, if you’re looking to supply a 2G phone, such as the Nokia 105, an iD Mobile SIM will not be compatible as they do not offer 2G connectivity – ParentShield SIM cards are fully compatible, regardless of the phone make or model.

Parents that reach out to the team here at ParentShield talk about many things mobile, but the most frequent are the worries of them accessing lots ( or even any ) mobile data, as they are worried about the issues that this connectivity may bring. Fortunately, ParentShield portal controls allow the parent to disable or enable mobile data at the flick of a switch in their online portal, or by time controls, or by daily data budgeting. Having the ability to keep data back for location purposes only if required is genius move, as is frequently fed back to the ParentShield support team.

iD Mobile eSIM

iD Mobile do not currently support eSIM, but if you’d like an eSIM for children then ParentShield can offer this packed with child-protection features.

A bit more about iD Mobile

For kids though, iD Mobile doesn’t offer the special child-protection features of ParentShield

No 2G on iD

Being a Three MVNO, iD Mobile SIM cards have no coverage on the older Legacy 2G networks. This means the iD SIM will be of no use in an older or simpler 2G mobile phone such as the indestructible (ish) and reliable Nokia 105 and Nokia 106.

Many Parents choose a 2G phone as mobile data and internet security are not an issue, and the simpler phones tend to have much better battery life than smartphones.

A ParentShield SIM-Only with Super Roaming will provide the best of both worlds if you want Three as your network. Should the SIM need to be placed in a 2G phone, the ParentShield SIM will connect to a 2G signal via Vodafone or O2.

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