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Impossible to Overspend

ParentShield not only protects children, it also protects their parents.

Unlike every other network, we aggressively block everything that could lead to an increased bill. MMS, overseas numbers, Text Shortcodes, Premium rate numbers, Directory enquiries etc are all blocked. We do have a mechanism for allowing overseas calls so if you have overseas relatives you need your child to be able to call – just let us know.

Once the phone has reached its monthly usage limits, the only numbers that can be called are the two special “home” numbers so they can always call and text home without having to top up.

This is particularly important in a child’s mobile phone as it’s quite normal on a basic adult PAYG service for children to use all of their allowance and then there is no option other than to top up extra so they can still call home.

If you are going abroad, just give us a call, a text or use the handy form on the ParentShield App. This will allow us to enable calls to and from that country. We are asking overseas travellers to add the Super Roaming bolt-on, currently £2.99 per month.

Mobile Companies LOVE! children

The big 4 adult mobile companies LOVE! children. Mostly because they are very likely to spend a fortune for their parents on premium-rate calls or sms shortcodes, MMS or overseas numbers. In the industry this is called “breakages” and it’s a huge source of revenue.

ParentShield contracts are all capped SIM-Only contracts so the price you see is the price you pay. If you choose not to top up for extra minutes or texts or data, there is absolutely nothing the child can to to change that. No premium rate numbers to call, and no expensive MMS or shortcode SMS that will add to the bill.

In cases where a ParentShield SIM is being used by an older child, a child with Special Educational Needs, or a child in a care situation, usage may well be higher than can be provided with the standard Safe Plan prices. In these cases we will:

  • notify you before the next bill that usage is outside the normal range of a typical 6-12 year old, and let you know what we’d need to charge from the next bill.
  • If you decide to proceed, then that’s what the new bill would be. If not we can discuss ways to reduce usage to keep billing unchanged, or cancel the service without any charges.

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