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Know Who Your Children Are Talking To

ParentShield is the only Mobile Network designed to keep Parents and carers informed about who is being spoken to, and about what.

Parents need to know that their children are safe. And this means knowing the sort of people their children are talking to, and what sort of conversations are being had.

The modern world of Mobile phones has brought many new dangers that parents may be unaware of or not expect. That’s precisely what ParentShield is designed for; so we’ve created a whole new way for Parents to stay in the loop. Flexible push notifications via our ParentShield App on your phone allow you to be alerted about every call or SMS – or just the ones you might be concerned about, such as those to a new correspondent appearing in your child’s life for the first time.

ParentShield Mobile Phone Network from Engine Mobile provides parents with powerful tools to allow them to be aware of the types of conversations being had, to enable timely relevant conversations in the family about safe conduct and personal conduct.

If a caller is blocked, and subsequently withholds their caller ID or calls from another number, parents need to be in a position to know and take action.

ParentShield Reviews
ParentShield Users tell us every day how ParentShield’s unique monitoring capabilities keep their children safe.

Once Blocked, a caller stays blocked

(Even if they block their caller ID )

Once we started designing the Network it was clear that there were many protective features that we could add.  All customers have access to an online portal that allows them to see and hear all the calls and texts, set various levels of protection and even turn mobile data on and off remotely without touching the phone. It’s important to us that the phone user has a totally-normal user experience.

We provide SIM cards that actually roam across all of the major networks. If a signal is available from EE, O2 or Vodafone, the ParentShield SIMS will roam onto that network. This provides a super-network that is virtually devoid of ‘not-spots’; something that is a clear safety and practical benefit for any user.

Putting Names to Numbers

As your child begins to build a contact list of friends, you can add their names into your portal so they’re easy to spot when you are looking at the call list. New Callers can trigger a push notification to your phone as well, so you have a prompt that there may be a change of friendship group or the introduction of new influences.

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