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Locate a child’s phone even after its data has run out!

ParentShield has always allowed your child to call and text Home numbers, even if they have run out of minutes or messages. Now we have added a new feature: Even if your child has used up their full data allowance, you can temporarily, and instantly add enough data to locate a missing phone – on all data plans, and without any cost.

Note that the phone must already have been set up for data — please see our guide here for how to do this.

Then, if the phone has run out of data, you’ll see a button labelled “Add data for location tracking” in the data tab of the Portal:

Data tab of Portal on iPhone

Clicking this button will add some data to the phone, and turn the “DATA” switch on if it was off; thus allowing you to use a location tracking service such as Google Find My Device (for Android phones) or Apple Find My iPhone (for Apple iPhones) to locate it.

We recommend making sure the phone is properly set up for data, and familiarising yourself with the relevant location service, before you ever need to use it in a real emergency situation.

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