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Locating a Child’s Android Phone from an iPhone

As parents, ensuring our children’s safety is a top priority, and it’s crucial to know how to locate their devices in case of emergencies or simply to offer peace of mind. From time to time, parents ask us how they can track their child’s Android phone, given he or she is an iPhone user. If your child owns an Android phone, simply download Google Chrome to use as a web browser and you have a powerful tool at your disposal to keep track of their device’s whereabouts. Here’s a little guide on how to locate your child’s Android phone from an iPhone:

Locating a Child’s Phone From a Chrome Browser

  1. Enable Location Services on the Child’s Android Phone: Before anything else, make sure your child’s Android device has location services enabled. Go to Settings > Security & Location > Location and ensure that it’s turned on.
  2. Set Up Find My Device: On the child’s Android phone, open the Google Settings app and tap on “Security.” Look for the option “Find My Device” or “Find My Phone” and activate it. This feature allows you to track the device’s location using your Chrome browser.
  3. Open Google Chrome: Launch your Chrome web browser on your phone or any other device.
  4. Log In with the Same Google Account: Ensure you are logged in to Chrome with the same Google account that is linked to your child’s Android phone.
  5. Type “Find My Device” in the Search Bar: In the Chrome browser’s search bar, type “Find My Device” and hit Enter.
  6. Locate the Device: You should now see a map displaying the location of your child’s Android phone. The map will show a pinpoint indicating the phone’s exact location.

Locating a Child’s Android Phone Using Google’s Find My Device service

  1. Make sure your child’s Android phone is connected to the internet.
  2. Open a web browser on any device, including your iPhone, and go to the Google Find My Device website (
  3. Sign in with the Google account that is linked to your child’s Android phone.
  4. Once signed in, Google will attempt to locate the Android device associated with the Google account.
  5. The website will display a map showing the realtime location of your child’s Android phone.

Locating a Child’s Android Phone from an Android phone

For Android to Android location, although you can use the methods described here, Family Link is the recommended solution.

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