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ParentShield for Looked-After Children

ParentShield Child Mobile network has special modes and settings to cater for the needs of corporate parents, as well as in a home setting.

Special Features for Looked-After Children

  • Extra ‘Home Number’
  • Disable Recording permanently
  • ‘SIMS’ tab – allowing you to re-lable, reissue SIM cards, or pause and resume
  • Flexible Billing and control
  • Bulk Supply of SIM cards

SIM cards for Care Homes, Local Authorities, Fostering

Our Corporate Parenting specialists are available on 03301221180. Give them a call to discuss SIM cards for children in care.

See the FAQ for Children In Care for more details about the Children In Care Modes of ParentShield.

Competitive Rates

ParentShield Children In Care Bundle SIMS are billed only if that SIM is in use during a calendar Month. This allows carers to cost-effectively maintain a stock of SIM cards for provision in emergency situations.

All premium-rate and competition entry numbers are blocked and any unused top-up credit never expires.

Secure and Compliant

No data are ever stored on the SIM card so if lost or stolen, no calling data are exposed.