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Meet the Mobile Network Designed for YOUR Child

Their first mobile phone is a big step, and not just for them . You’re at the point of giving them some independence, but are probably nervous about what this may bring.

Meet ParentShield: The Award-Winning Child-Safe Mobile Network

Look no further. ParentShield is not just a SIM card; it’s your key to tailoring a mobile network to their age or ability. ParentShield allows you to set restrictions for your child’s phone, enable parent alerts, and monitor activity remotely, from within your parent portal app.

All 30-day rolling contracts, so you can cancel or even pause service at any time.

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Works in ANY unlocked mobile phone

Don’t worry about phone models. ParentShield SIM cards, the portal controls, monitoring and alerts, work seamlessly no matter what phone you give them, ensuring that your child’s safety and your peace of mind are not bound by the device.

Whether it’s a basic 2G Nokia feature phone or the latest smartphone, ParentShield has you covered.

Features not available on any other mobile network

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Super Simple Setup

Getting started with ParentShield is a breeze:

  1. Order Your ParentShield SIM: Unlock the power of ParentShield by ordering your SIM card today.
  2. Insert the SIM: Pop the ParentShield SIM into your child’s phone, whether it’s a basic 2G feature phone or a smartphone.
  3. Customise Controls: Tailor network-side controls, set up SchoolBlock, and personalise alerts on the ParentShield Portal.
  4. Monitor activity: Log in securely at any time to monitor calls and texts.
  5. Enjoy Peace of Mind: Watch as ParentShield transforms your child’s mobile experience, providing safety and control in your hands.

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